Retaining your contact lens patients during this time with the help of ACUVUE®

Engage with your existing contact lens patients and protect your business with ACUVUE®’s full support

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Johnson & Johnson Vision understand the challenges of this uncertain period, and are here to support you in taking action to recover your business.

Change in wear since COVID-19 and lockdown

Although many months have passed since the first lockdown, half of contact lens wearers surveyed were still found to not be wearing their lenses as much as before COVID-191:


- 47% of wearers said they are wearing contact lenses less than before lockdown1
- 62% of wearers said their reduced contact lens wear was due to the reduction in usage occasions.1

The good news is that 79% of wearers said they are likely to return to their normal contact lens wear.2 But, whilst these wearers intend to return to normal wear, they are at risk of dropping out the longer the situation continues.

It is crucial to now take action and protect your business - re-engage with these wearers and illustrate the times when contact lenses would benefit their current lifestyle.

How can you be involved?

We want to help make reaching out to your patients as easy as possible, so we’ve compiled a range of digital materials that are all ready to use so you can:

- Engage with your patients 

- Demonstrate the support your practice can provide 

- Suggest relevant usage occasions to include within your communications to show the value of contact lenses during these times.

These digital assets are available now through our professional website, along with guides for each:


To download the assets, visit the Johnson & Johnson Vision asset portal:

Our teams are here for you, please contact your Johnson & Johnson Vision Customer Services Team if you have any questions at this time: [email protected]


1. UK Covid Omnibus wave 4, Bilendi, 24 Aug 2020
2. UK 6th May 2020 Online Omnibus Survey. N=2000, Contact Lens wearers = 375

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