Finding the right trial lens for your astigmatic patients is just a click, click away

Introducing the ACUVUE® Astigmatism Fitting Calculator - it helps make fitting your astigmatic patients quicker and easier, so you can get the right trial contact lenses in just two clicks


Nearly half of your patients needing vision correction have an astigmatism in at least one eye1. With the ACUVUE® Astigmatism Fitting Calculator, it's easier than ever to fit the right lens for your patients. Specially designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of a contact lens fitting, it helps make fitting your astigmatic patients quicker and easier.


It's a simple process:

- Enter updated spectacle prescription for one or both eyes. Click 1!
- See suitable ACUVUE® astigmatism products. Click 2!
- Receive your trial lens recommendation.

Discover the ACUVUE® Astigmatism Fitting Calculator on the Johnson & Johnson website and you'll be two clicks away from the right trial contact lens.


1. Young G, Sulley A, Hunt C. Prevalence of astigmatism in relation to soft contact lens fitting. Eye Contact Lens. 201;37(1):20-25.

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