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OT  focuses on… Children’s vision

From eyewear designed for a child’s active lifestyle and bespoke frame design made easy, to photochromic myopia management lenses – OT  picks out four solutions for young patients


Sun-ready myopia management

Hoya describes the Miyosmart as its “proven non-invasive myopia management lens which is both safe and convenient for the patient – just like ordinary spectacle lenses.”

With the launch of a sun range, Miyosmart Sun spectacle lenses combine DIMS Technology with protection from UV rays and high intensity sunlight, “for effective and non-invasive myopia management outdoors,” the company said.

Miyosmart Chameleon is a photochromic spectacle lens that rapidly adapts to the levels of sunlight, providing UV protection at any time and place 3. The lens is available in the same range as clear.

Coming soon, the Miyosmart Sunbird polarised spectacle lenses slow myopia progression and provide visual comfort from sun glare in intense sunlight 4. Hoya explained: “The contrast and colours seen through Miyosmart Sunbird remain rich and vibrant, allowing children to experience the beauty of outdoors.”

To support the development of the myopia management category and to encourage outdoor time for children, both Miyosmart Sun lenses are available at the same price as clear.

Mix and match

Tomato Glasses UK is highlighting its new Mix and Match service which enables children to swap elements of frame designs to suit their own preferences.

Within each of the ranges, children can select a frame front, sides, ear tip colour and headband. Parts can only be mixed within the same range due to different hinges used.

“Children love to choose and if they are able to create their own frames then they are more likely to enjoy wearing their glasses,” the company shared.

A dedicated page on the brand’s website helps children and parents, and practices, to design and order a bespoke frame, with parents directed to the stockist page to locate a nearby specialist. The service is provided free of charge.

“The results are amazing and colourful, as children know what they like,” Sarah Gillingham, managing director for Tomato Glasses UK, said.


Fabulous flex frames

Dibble Optical has increased its range of children’s eyewear with a new exclusive collection, Flex Frames.

The frames are designed with no metal parts and manufactured from a soft, malleable material.

The company shared: “the Flexible and Safe frames are purpose-designed to complement a child’s active lifestyle, allowing them to express their individuality safely and comfortably.”

The frames are free from rubber and latex, BPA-free and phthalate-free, and can hold prescriptions up to +/-28.

The collection includes 13 models in a range of sizes and colours, and selected models are available with colour-changing photochromic material.


Expanding myopia management

Part of Duncan and Todd Group, Caledonian Optical has launched its myopia management lens solution, Imperium.

The lens has two zones of positive power to induce myopic defocus in the lateral areas of the lens.

The company said: “These zones coincide with areas of increased retinal cell distribution, thereby reducing the stimulation for the eye to elongate.”

The vertically oriented zone provides the prescribed power.

The manufacturer offers comprehensive training to support clients in dispensing the lens successfully and communicating the benefits to patients.