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OT  focuses on… seasonal styles

From sleek and patterned titanium to bespoke acetates and colour pops, OT  caught up with eyewear brands and suppliers about their autumn/winter collections


Plant-based acetate

Austrian brand, Neubau Eyewear, has launched its first collection made from sustainable acetate.

The eight frames in the Shapes of Motion collection are made from a plant-based material composition of cotton and wood which uses only plant-based plasticizers and so is considered biodegradable.

Styles include ‘Josi,’ ‘Leni,’ ‘Flo,’ ‘Helmut,’ ‘Rupert’ (pictured), ‘Gustav,’ ‘Karl,’ and ‘Alena,’ and are available in four colourways.

The frames are designed and handmade in a carbon-neutral production facility in Austria.


Timeless titanium

Charmant has released Titanium Perfection – a selection of “contemporary but timeless” men and women’s styles created from titanium.

The frames are designed to be light, with pressure-mounted construction and thin milling fronts. Designs across the collection feature contrasting beta-titanium sides and transparent crystal end tips with inner colouring.

Four slender titanium frames make up the men’s selection, with thin titanium fronts and pressure-mounted end-pieces, in colours ranging from black, grey, blue, brown and green.

The three new women’s models include an angular style (pictured: ‘CH16715’), a soft round shape, and soft square, featuring gradient patterns, demi colour rims or mono contrast on rim and sides.


In the frame

International Eyewear has highlighted its episode collection, which aims to embody “femininity and fashion,” featuring inclusive sizing and with eco-conscious packaging.

The episode collection introduced a Plus segment in 2021 to expand the inclusivity of sizes in the range. The collection now has a range of shapes and styles in both its Petite and Plus segments.

The brand’s marketing campaign celebrates the power of Mother Nature, partnering with artist Lena Ker to reinterpret the four elements as fashion illustrations.

Styles include ‘Episode 291,’ ‘Episode 293,’ and ‘Episode 294’ (pictured) which are made from a bespoke material mix of three acetates, featuring handmade fronts and sides and OBE flex hinges.

The combination styles; ‘Episode 292,’ and ‘Episode 295’ feature two-tone metal sides, which are also made using recycled materials and an integrated hinge.

Frames are provided with biodegradable demo lenses and polybags, as well as a box, case and cloth made from recycled materials.


Comfort in classics

Continental Eyewear has launched the new Puriti range of Japanese titanium frames.

The new collection has been in development for more than three years, since 2019, the company told OT. The collection includes 26 models with two colourways for each style.

The lightweight and hypoallergenic frames making up the collection are described as “unpretentious classic frame styles” combining Japanese craftmanship with high-quality materials.

The company said of the collection: “Puriti is the ultimate crossroads where style, innovation and comfort meet.”