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Enhanced practice workflow

Zeiss has highlighted an update to the Cirrus 6000 HD-optical coherence tomography (OCT) device, with new advanced features designed to enhance practice workflow.

The platform has seven new workflow pre-sets to help simplify workflow and auto-loading of preferred analyses, while OCT cube scans can be captured in 0.4 seconds, and new 21-point fixation targets also provide greater control of patient fixation, Zeiss suggested.

The device offers an expanded field of view, high-resolution scans up to 12mm wide and 2.9mm deep, which the company said supports the recognition of subtle abnormalities to identify disease stages.

A new wellness exam provides a wide-field OCT assessment of the optic nerve head and macular, and can be used as a tool for patient education and improving compliance.

The anterior segment premier module offers benefits for glaucoma assessment, including pachymetry maps with new epithelial thickness mapping, anterior segment analysis, and automatic detection of the anterior and posterior surface of the cornea using the cornea caliper tool.

Practice essentials

Haag-Streit UK has announced the UK launch of the Optovue Solix Essential from Visionix. With the foundation of a high-speed spectral domain OCT, the platform provides images of the retinal structures using split-spectrum amplitudinal decorrelational angiography and motion correction technology, as well as 3D PAR 2.0 and vessel-to-vessel post processing alignment, which the company suggests minimises movement effects during acquisition.

Optovue Solix Essential also incorporates DualTrac and AI segmentation to provide an advanced glaucoma system and supports the anterior evaluation of pathologies, such as keratoconus and dry eye symptoms, utilising pachymetry, epithelial thickness mapping and 3D EnFace imaging.

OCT wellness protocols can be used to generate a report to promote overall eye health, and comprehensive assessments of diabetic patients and glaucoma suspects, including a 12x9mm structural scan, optimising metrics on retinal thickness and ganglion cell thickness to the superior-inferior arches, with high-resolution B-scans providing visualisation of the retinal structures.

Haag-Streit UK is the distributor for Visionix’s Optovue devices in the UK.


High-speed scanning

BIB Ophthalmic Instruments has introduced the new Optopol Revo FC130 all-in-one OCT and fundus camera. The device provides 130,000 A-scans per second with AccuTrack real time hardware eye-tracking. It also features true colour fundus imaging, plus angio, topography, biometry and full visualisation of the anterior chamber.

The company suggests it has the world’s fastest scanning speed, while a new AI De-Noise allows for more detailed exams with a reduction in scanning time. The device also reduces errors caused by involuntary eye movements, artefacts, loss of fixation and blinks.

Tim Baker, managing director, said: “We are already accustomed to the high-quality tomograms produced by the standard Revo FC, as many of our customers testify to, but when we saw the capabilities of the new Revo FC130 it took our perception of quality to another level; the overall image quality, detailing in the retinal layers and the speed of the device is truly remarkable.”

Simultaneous capture

Grafton Optical has launched the Mocean 3000 SLO OCT. The platform has a scanning speed of 20,000 a-scan/s for high-resolution cross-sectional images, simultaneously acquiring OCT images and 45-degree fundus images using scanning laser ophthalmoscope (SLO) technology and providing a real-time overview of the retina.

The device features three-in-one scan capability, comprising macula, disc and cornea, and uses eye tracking for the repeatability of scans. The high-speed OCT and SLO camera features enable >12mm scan width. A 3mm scan depth provides a detailed view of vitreous, retina and choroid, Grafton Optical shared, with a 16mm angle-to-angle scan.

Grafton Optical shared: “The device provides non-invasive high-speed scanning and multiple patient contact adjustments for maximum patient comfort.”