From classics to catwalk

Whether it’s reinventing tried and tested shapes, leaning into futuristic details, or repurposing waste into an accessory, brands are shaking up eyewear style this season

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Alberto Montresor

Accessories: One bead at a time

Chain and accessories brand, Coti Vision, has collaborated with the Nigerian company, Ilekeco, for their latest glasses chain which is made from recycled paper.

Established by the designer, Anthony Uche Nsofor, Ilekeco transforms waste materials into wearable art including earrings, necklaces and now glasses chains. Each bead in the glasses chain is hand rolled and painted, with no two beads exactly the same. Approximately 384 strips of hand rolled recycled paper are used for a whole chain.

The Ilekeco chain is available in four colours, each given an African name: Dika/green, Ako/red, Ixia/Blue, and Eso – a mixed colour model – with the word from the native Nigerian language for a variety of fruits.

COTI Ilekeco Gallery

Digital marketing: Perfecting profiles

Opticommerce, from Ocuco, has launched a new digital marketing product for independent practices to support with creating, updating and maintaining optical store profiles.

The Online Listing Manager helps to ensure that online identities are correct and can be found across the web. As it is optimised for search engines, it automatically syncs data to websites and social media platforms.

The platform has been specially made to support an increase of in-practice traffic through the online profile, and also enables businesses to view how customers behave online.

The company highlighted research indicating that having accurate online listings is important, with 46% of all searches on Google made for local information, and 88% of consumers who search locally going on to visit or call the business within a day.

Opticommerce founder, Paul Clare, said: “Specifically built for independent optical stores and practices, Online Listing Manager saves time and money, guaranteeing customers can find products and services quickly and easily.”

The tool can be subscribed to as a standalone feature or built into Opticommerce’s digital marketing packages.

OptiCommerce Online Listing Manage Dashboard

Frames: Revisiting the classics

Immagine98 showcased a number of new styles at the eyewear show, Silmo, in September. New to its optical line designed for men, I-man, the company has launched a collection of “evergreen” styles made from acetate.

The ‘Matthew’ is a minimalist and contemporary optical navigator available in three colours: black, blue and stratified grey. All of the styles can support magnetic clip-on sun lenses.

In the MIC – Made in Cadore – range, which pays tribute to the Cadore and Dolomite mountains, the brand has introduced reinterpretations of classic shapes, “with an eye to proportion and scale” and colours that echo the shades of nature.

The ‘Anenome’ frame features a thick frame of Mazzucchelli acetate with a jagged effect. The frame is available in three colours: black, a gradient brown that fades to transparent, and a patchwork blend of black, brown and transparent.

With a focus on experimentation with colours and craft, the brand X-Ide and has introduced ‘The Degas’ frame – named after the impressionist also known as the ‘painter of ballerinas.’ The style features a chiselled pattern along the top of the front, for a diamond-cut effect.

Meanwhile, Rye&Lye debuted ‘Nefty,’ an elongated feminine optical frame made from acetate with inserts of a lighter acetate veining throughout. The front of the frame is embellished with rayed gold-plated metal inserts.


Sunglasses: Catwalk trends

Marcolin has identified the key trends set to be driving eyewear design in the next season, with a focus on wellbeing, diversity and technology.

The company suggested the trend for reshaping styles in the spirit of the 70s will continue, “including eccentricity and a desire to make a statement and stand out,” which is achieved through large, square shapes, and either thin metal rims or accentuated thickness.

The European Bauhaus is a key inspiration in 2022 with simple, solid and linear shapes combining comfort and protection, the company shared, with clean constructions, spoilers and integrated functional details.

Finally, Marcolin highlighted a digital urban movement, in which technology supports the emergence of new trends, sharing that sunglasses and spectacles adopt their “starring role as a must-have accessory for every look.”

Amongst the new releases for the season, the brand highlighted the Moncler ‘ML0239,’ a unisex mask with a futuristic design. The bold shape and shaded lenses combine a sporty feel with seventies inspiration.


Frames: Sophisticated style

Stepper Eyewear has introduced a new frame replicating the delicate patterns of lace.

The ‘SI-30164’ frame has been made from a lightweight TX5 and titanium, making it both flexible and durable, as well as hypoallergenic.

The lace-like pattern is embedded within a crystal front or available with solid colour fronts. The frame is available in four colours including grey/cerise, rose, dusky pink/grey, and blue-grey/bronze.

Commenting on the frame, Peter Reeve, managing director of Stepper UK, said: “The ‘SI-30164’ reveals how Stepper Eyewear combines creative design, innovative manufacturing and eyewear know-how to produce something truly special.”


Frames: Make a statement

Mexx Eyes, an imprint of OWP Brillen, has released new styles for teenagers, providing statement pieces for younger wearers.

The ‘5955’ (pictured) is a hexagonal shape in two-tone colour made from stainless steel. The components make for a “delicate and stylish” frame for a “fashionable statement piece.”

The ‘5683’ acetate frame, designed for teenage boys, has a casual-look, with decorative rivets on the front and sides to add a retro touch.

The brand aims to create eyewear for the every day, “people who live life to the fullest, preferring authenticity to perfection.”


Contact lenses: A lens for astigmatism

Alcon has launched Dailies Total1 for Astigmatism, extending its portfolio of daily disposable lenses and the Dailies Total1 range.

The company described this as the “first and only” daily disposable toric lens to feature Alcon’s Water Gradient material, which features a gradual increase in water content approaching 100% water at the surface.

The lens also integrates SmarTears Technology, a proprietary technology from Alcon, which releases an ingredient found naturally in tears that helps to stabilise the lipid layer of the tear film.

The lens is designed to settle quickly to the proper on-eye position, providing stability for the astigmatic contact lens wearer.

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