New generation vision

An eyewear collection for green visionaries, rainbow-hued kids frames and practice technology, OT  rounds up the latest in eyewear and optical launches


Spectacles: For the explorers

Neubau has released its New Generation Explorers collection, made from plant-based materials.

The three new models are made from the brand’s natural3D material, which is extracted from GMO-free castor oil, and produced in a no-waste 3D-printing process.

The models, ‘Janis,’ ‘Fred,’ and ‘Siggi,’ draw on ‘avant-garde’ styles, are available in four colours: red, black, olive, teal and dark teal.

Neubau shared that through the new collection it seeks to call wearers on a “mission to explore new ways of thinking, coming closer to the vision of responsible stewardship of the earth.”


Contact lenses: Every dioptre matters

CooperVision has expanded its MiSight 1 day contact lenses to include higher prescriptions, now covering 0.25D to -10.00D (0.50D steps after -6.00D). The move means that MiSight 1 day covers 99.97% of prescriptions for Asian children and Caucasian children, who have myopia and less than 1D of astigmatism.

Elizabeth Lumb, director of global professional affairs, myopia management, for CooperVision, said: “Every dioptre matters, particularly for children whose worsening myopia may have already placed them at a higher risk for conditions such as myopic maculopathy and glaucoma.”

While early treatment is best, Lumb said: “It’s never too late to start,” adding that older children starting with the contact lens have seen the worsening of their myopia “cut by half.”


Accessories: Chic chains

Götti Switzerland has launched its first glasses chain range with a collection of chunky dual-toned styles.

The chains are Made in Switzerland through a 3D printing process that uses polyamide powder. Up to 80% of raw materials are saved in this process compared to traditional production processes, the company said.

Each chain combines two colours with 12 different combinations, and is designed to fit any pair of frames.

Sharing the chains, Götti shared: “We’re huge fans of chains as an accessory and love to wear them,” adding that the designs are fun and flattering.


Equipment: Refraction systems

Grafton Optical has launched SiVIEW, a software solution that connects refraction equipment to support reliable and reproducible eye examinations. The artificial intelligence technology provides guided subjective refraction examinations and produces a detailed refraction report which can be analyses by the optometrist. The device is manufacturer agnostic so can link refraction equipment from multiple manufacturers into a seamless refraction system.

Calling SiVIEW a “very exciting development for the optical industry,” David Thickens, Grafton Optical CEO, said: “This unique solution marks the evolution of refraction, enabling the creation of integrated refraction systems using existing technology; combined with a highly intuitive software.”

“SiVIEW allows clinicians to confidently delegate the refraction process, saving time in the consulting room chair time for in-depth examination and diagnosis,” he added.


Children: Over the rainbow

LOOK Occhilai – Made in Italia has introduced a special series of six rainbow-inspired frames for children.

The ‘Arcobaleno’ (‘rainbow’ in Italian) frames are designed to convey a “message of optimism and hope,” drawing on the colours of the rainbow that “appears when the sun comes out after a storm.”

A technopolymer, NIL, is used for lightweight frame fronts in a solid colour. The sides of the frames are made from Xinox, an alloy of hypoallergenic non-toxic steel, with an ombre hounds-tooth texture.

“The result is a lightweight, comfortable, fun frame to narrate the world through a child’s eyes and at the same time launch a message of confidence through those who represent our future,” the brand said.


Cosmetics: Eye-friendly beauty

Positive Impact has added Eyes Are The Story, an optocosmetics brand, to its portfolio. The make-up and skincare brand focuses on eye health with clinically-tested and validated formulas created specifically for contact lens wearers, and those with sensitive or dry eyes.

Founder of the brand, Amy Gallant Sullivan, worked in the field of ocular surface disease for 20 years and felt there was an unmet need for eye-friendly products, sharing, “We are taking strides in the beauty world with a significant focus on eye health.”

Nick Atkins, managing director of Positive Impact, said he was “delighted” to bring this “unique range” to the UK through Positive Impact, calling it a “must addition for an eye-safe beauty routine.”


Spectacles: Pretty pastel

Puccini eyewear, by International Eyewear, has highlighted its ‘Puccini 318’ and ‘319’ models with lamination detailing. The styles include stainless steel fronts with handmade acetate sides that feature tonal colour block lamination in a delicate pattern.

The models are available in supra and petite styles with added comfort features, such as silicone nose pads.

The brand shared that the designs embody “modest elegance,” through timeless styles that celebrate simplicity.