Hoya and Myopia Profile partner for training courses

The programme includes certified courses on general knowledge around myopia, myopia management, and training on the Miyosmart spectacle lens

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Hoya Vision Care has formed a partnership with myopia education company, Myopia Profile, to create a suite of training for eye care professionals (ECPs).

Housed on Hoya’s global training platform, the co-created certified training courses aim to “educate, inform and empower” ECPs to prescribe spectacle lenses for children in managing myopia.

The programme includes certified courses on general knowledge about myopia and the myopia management landscape, as well as training on Hoya’s Miysomart spectacle lens.

Randy Richardson, vice president of global training and education at Hoya Vision Care, said the strategic partnership with Myopia Profile aligns with the spectacle lens company’s core missions of providing information and solutions to ECPs, “as we globally address the exponentially growing problem of myopia in children.”

He added: “Understanding and managing myopia in children is critical not only to everyone in our industry but to the current and future generations as eye health and clear vision are imperative to productive societies.”

Commenting on the collaboration, Dr Paul Gifford and Dr Kate Gifford, founders of Myopia Profile, shared: “Evidence-based, responsible clinical communication and prescribing for myopic children are of utmost importance.

“Myopia Profile’s work in laying the foundation on myopia consequences, interventions and clinical approaches sits alongside Hoya Vision Care’s training on Miyosmart to provide a thorough base for ECPs seeking to make a difference to the progression of childhood myopia across the world.”

Earlier this year, Hoya released the results of a three-year follow-up study showing that the slowing of the progression of myopia was sustained in a group of children wearing Miyosmart spectacle lenses with Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments technology.