Here comes the sun

New materials and allergy relief: OT  rounds up the latest product launches


Sunglasses: Eco-friendly

Austrian eyewear brand, neubau, has unveiled its first 100% bio-based line of eyewear. The sunglasses collection is made from natural3D, a natural plant-based material made in a 3D printer. The Côte du Soleil special edition line draws inspiration from the 1960s and features three models; ‘Romy’, ‘Alain’ and ‘Maurice’, named after characters in the 1969 film ‘Las Piscine’. The frames come in a range of shapes and variety of two-colour combinations.

Drops: Allergy relief

Scope Eye Care has launched Optase Allergy. This is a new product designed to prevent and treat the symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis: itching, redness and excessive watering. Created with naturally-occurring molecule, Ectoin, the formulation strengthens the lipid layer to prevent cracks and dryness on the surface of the eye. The solution also helps wash away particles from the water-based layer of the eye and creates a protective shield over the bottom layer of the eye, closest to the cornea. The preservative-free formulation is contact lens-friendly and suitable for adults and children of all ages, the company suggests.


Sunglasses: Diamonds are forever

Independent designer, LARAD’, has introduced four new sunglass models for women featuring a natural 24k diamond powder decoration on dark UV protective lenses. Inspired by the cuts of a gem stone, the sunglasses use a 4mm thick lens with facets cut on the surface. With names drawn from Egyptian history, the four models come in gold with brown, black or mirrored gold lenses.


Frames: Titanium design

Blackfin One has revealed three new optical frames, featuring titanium designs and rich colours. The classic men’s style ‘Homewood’ has been reinterpreted with two-tone colour combinations including green/grey, blue/grey, blue/red, blue/dove grey and black/green. While the rounded rims of the unisex ‘Vicksburg’ reclaims the original colour pairings of red/beige, green/red, blue/grey, black/blue and blue/red. The feminine frame, ‘Anfield’, features oval rims in a range of colours including blue/pink, pink/brown, red/blue, brown/gold, and magenta/violet.


Lens: Astigmatism lens

Bausch and Lomb has extended the parameters of its Biotrue Oneday for Astigmatism lens, with the new cyl, -2.25 now available to practitioners. The lens utilises Surface Active Technology which uses hydrophilic polyvinylpyrrilidone and Poloxamer 407, a surface active macromer, to form a dehydration barrier that helps the lens maintain 98% of its moisture for up to 16 hours.


Material: Super light

Okia has presented a new ultra-light eyewear collection made from a new material called Suflexium, a magnesium aluminium alloy. Designed to be weightless, the metal offers high strength and lightness and is one-third of the weight of steel. The material also includes a hypoallergenic feature as well as being resistant to corrosion from facial acids.


Frames: A vintage affair

Salvatorre Faragamo has introduced its new SS 2020 eyewear collection for men, combining a mixture of vintage styles with bright materials and embellishments. The collection includes five sunglasses and two optical frames. The SF224S round sunglasses (pictured) feature a metal construction with double bridge detail and textured effect on the lower side. The temples are customisable with an enamel or Havana foil to match the colour of the frame-front rims.

Salvatore Ferragamo