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From ophthalmic lenses that reduce glare to spectacles inspired by the 1920s, OT  rounds up the latest launches

low vision 2020


EnChroma has launched its Lx Series of ophthalmic lenses for low vision and age-related eye conditions.

The company said that the range is designed to address the rapidly growing category of visual challenges worldwide.

Vice-president of business development at EnChroma, Mark Mattison-Shupnick, explained: “EnChroma’s new offering for low vision features a unique spectral filter that reduces the intensity of white light while transmitting colours up to two times brighter than an average lens.”

The Lx Series reduces the effects of glare, improves contrast and enhances colour vision in multiple lighting conditions.

EnChroma’s trial kit includes four lenses: a Category 1 lens for low-light and night-time use; Category 2 and 3 for combined glare reduction and colour vision enhancement; and Category 4, which is an dark lens option for extreme glare management.

EnChroma’s new offering for low vision features a unique spectral filter

Vice-president of business development at EnChroma, Mark Mattison-Shupnick


Eyespace Eyewear has launched a new style for women by Aspinal of London.

The ‘L506’ spectacles model (pictured) is available in two colour options – red or gloss black – with the fashion brand’s lion head logo embellished on the sides.

Eyespace explained the acetate model is a softened D-shape and is designed to suit most faces. It features cutwork branding on the tips that references Aspinal of London’s shield.

Eyespace Aspinal
Eyespace Aspinal frames


Kenmark Eyewear has launched new spectacles and sunglasses from its Paradigm brand.

Spectacles include ‘19-05’ (pictured), which is a thin, double bar style made from stainless steel. It has a minimalist design and is available in silver or gold colour options.

Acetate and metal are combined in spectacle styles such as ‘19-11,’ which is a geometric, round-shaped model that features acetate on the inside of the rim and on the tips. Colour options include rose gold or gold.

Sunglasses include ‘19-41,’ a full acetate style that is thin and light. Kenmark Eyewear explained that the frame positions the end pieces lower than the brow to create a vintage look

Kenmark Eyewear’s ’19-05’ by Paradigm


Komono has launched its spring/summer 2020 collection of spectacles.

The eyewear company explained that the acetate frames – ‘Mario,’ ‘Uma’ and ‘Jeff’ (pictured) – are characterised by the use of quality materials and a luxury feel.

Komono experimented with shapes in styles such as ‘Judy,’ which is an oversized hexagon frame, and ‘Stanley,’ which is a narrow frame with a double bridge.

‘Jeff’ from Komono’s new spring/summer 2020 collection

Lunor has launched its A12 Retro collection of spectacles, which are inspired by the ‘golden twenties.’

The eyewear company explained that the decade featured “masterly craftwork and an avant-garde sense of life.”

The range of spectacles is inspired by historic styles with clearly defined details and shapes to create a timeless design.

Styles include small shapes and a fine rim around the eyes with features such as a keyhole bridge and lower cheeks in round, panto, anatomic and square shapes.

Colour options include black, dark Havana and Havana spotted.

‘500’ from Lunor’s A12 Retro collection


Silhouette has launched its Titan Dynamics Contour range of spectacles, which is a collection of lightweight frames with a screwless hinge.

Styles are made from titanium and include six shapes for women and six for men in a variety of colour options such as caramel brick, blackberry and gold with olive green.

Women’s style feature classic, contemporary and sporty shapes while men’s options include soft circular frames and strong rectangular models.

‘5540’ from Silhouette’s Titan Dynamics Contour range


Marchon’s Salvatore Ferragamo brand has launched a new pair of sunglasses that have been made using plant-based materials.

The oversized, butterfly-shaped frame, ‘SF942S,’ has been created with bio-based injected plastic made from castor bean oil.

The eyewear company explained that the material is a highly resilient and renewable alternative to standard petroleum-based plastics.

Colour options include grey gradient, wine caramel and blue antique rose gradient.

Marchon’s ‘SF942S’ by Salvatore Ferragamo