Extended powers

From toric contact lenses to children’s frames, OT  rounds up the latest launches



Menicon has extended the power options of its Miru 1 month toric range of contact lenses to include plano to +4.00D in 0.25D steps.

The contact lens includes Menicon’s Visiostable design, which optimises the fit of the lens and prevent lens movement.

Menicon explained that the asymmetric, vertical thin zones match the eyelids’ natural asymmetric coverage of the cornea, harnessing the natural lid force, optimising centration and preventing rotation.

UK sales manager in the frequent replacement division at Menicon, Andrew Ferguson, said: “This latest extension shows our commitment to providing a wide range of comfortable silicon hydrogel toric options. With the toric range of lenses offering axes around the clock, these patients can benefit from the high oxygen transmissibility and manufacturing technology that delivers clear, comfortable vision and problem-free all-day wear.”

With the toric range of lenses offering axes around the clock, these patients can benefit from the high oxygen transmissibility

UK sales manager in the frequent replacement division at Menicon, Andrew Ferguson


Bausch + Lomb (B+L) has extended the parameter ranges for its Biotrue OneDay contact lenses.

The spherical range is now available up to -12.00D, with +6.00D to -6.00D in 0.25D steps and -6.50D to -12.00D in 0.5D steps.

B+L explained that its OneDay for astigmatism range is available in 52% more parameters, with -2.25D cylinder in high minus powers and in plus powers across key axes available from early next year.

In the second quarter of 2020, B+L will launch the -2.75D cylinder in low minus powers across key axes, which it said expands the range by 66%.

Biotrue OneDay contact lenses


Mondottica brand Zoobug London has launched its spring/summer 2020 collection of sunglasses, which are inspired by nostalgia and vintage styles.

In support of the launch, the eyewear brand has worked with photographer Lol Johnson for a photoshoot, which took place at a 1960s modernist housing estate in the UK.

Styles include: ‘Lily,’ an oval frame for girls that features a decorative indent on either side of the upper edge; ‘Butterfly,’ which is available in gradient pink or crystal flowers; ‘Pixel,’ a black frame with geometric pattern effects; and ‘Urban,’ which is a classic square shaped frame in blue and brown or black and grey colour options.

The four new spring/summer 2020 Zoobug sunglasses


No7 Contact Lenses has launched the Onefit Med mini scleral contact lens, which is designed to provide practitioners with more information to aid fitting.

The trial set of lenses have etched rings at the centre of the zones to indicate where each zone is located, which can be manipulated individually relative to the size and condition of the cornea.

Fitting software is available online, which generates the changes that the practitioner wants to make to any of the four zones in order to see what difference is made.

The fitting software also provides a calculation of oxygen permeability through the lens material and the tear layer.

No7’s Onefit Med mini scleral contact lens


Mid-Optic has launched Optishield, a hands-free alternative to occluder paddles. 

The tool is made from soft medical grade silicone and fits onto the spectacle lens without scratching them. It can also be washed and dried to keep it clean.

Mid-Optic explained that a frosted or black design is available, with the frosted design suited to younger patients who have intractable diplopia.

It added that when Optishield is sitting on the lens, it enables the optometrist to focus on the test instead of the positioning of the occluder.

Optishield by Mid-Optic


Silhouette has added the Light Facette range of style to its Elegance collection of spectacles. 

The rimless women’s style is available in three shapes – rounded almond, cat’s eyes and butterfly – that are designed to accentuate facial features.

Colour options include gold with crystal-coloured gemstones, rhodium with vintage rose colours and rose gold has been paired with black diamonds.

light facette
‘5536’ from the Light Facette range of Silhouette’s Essence collection


Dibble Optical has launched its Milo & Me collection of children’s eyewear.

The range includes 10 models in different sizes and colours suitable for children aged three to 16. Each frame comes with a removable headband, non-slip tips, a microfibre case and a branded sticker.

Dibble Optical highlighted that Milo & Me frames are light, flexible and resilient. Models have been manufactured using an injection moulding process and without plactisisers.

Dibble Eyewear
Dibble Optical has launched its Milo & Me collection