MonkeyGlasses opens first practice in Copenhagen

The eyewear company has carried its sustainable ethos throughout the store

Monkeyglasses store
Danish eyewear company MonkeyGlasses has opened a flagship store in Copenhagen that includes an examination room for sight tests.

The company carries its sustainable ethos throughout the practice with recycled furniture, plants grown from cuttings and environmentally-friendly frames and contact lenses stocked.

All testing equipment has been bought from an opticians that was closing down in the spirit of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle,’ MonkeyGlasses explained.

The testing room is designed to be as non-clinical as possible in keeping with the rest of the practice and is sound-proof so that all personal and medial information is kept private.

The practice’s optometrist, Monique Willer, specialises in presbyopia.

Speaking about the practice, CEO and designer of MonkeyGlasses, Mai-Britt Seaton, described the practice as “a complete universe where environmental concerns are a given, so the customer can focus on finding their new favourite pair of glasses.”

“We have not expanded our office to compete with the many skilled dealers who already have MonkeyGlasses in their range. We have created a flagship store where we can show the full potential of the market for sustainable products,” she added.