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Projekt Produkt and Rejina Pyo collaborate

Rejina Pyo and Projekt Produkt fashion show

London-based designer, Rejina Pyo, and Korean-based brand Projekt Produkt, have collaborated on a women’s sunglasses range for spring/summer 2019.

The collection was inspired by abstract art and high-fashion looks that have been seen on fashion show runways around the world.

Reflecting the individuality of both brands, the collection features transparent acetate frames in cat’s-eye and angular aviator styles.

The lenses are available in rose gold, yellow and grey, gold and yellow, rose gold and strawberry, nude and grey, pink and blush, gold and amber, and light blue with aquamarine.

Rejina Pyo and Projekt Produkt fashion show
Projekt Produkt and Rejina Pyo fashion show

Speaking about the collaboration, Ms Pyo shared: “The collection is built upon a philosophy that explores dressing as an everyday phenomenon, both mundane and extraordinary, for women all over the world. Wanting to contribute something special to this daily ritual, our vision is to create modern, wearable pieces that encourage individual instincts and maintain relevance and quality over time.”

“At a time where the pace of fashion trends has reached new heights, we live in an overstimulating market which presents customers with new choices every week. We are not concerned with promoting quick or short-term trends, instead we are focused on building long term relationships and evolving with our wearers over time,” she emphasised.

Head of design at Projekt Produkt, president and CEO, Lee Hyun-Ho, said: “This unique collaboration combines graphic inspirations from abstract art with an elegant, subtle femininity for a winning collection of deceptively simple, contemporary pieces.”