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Reykjavik Eyes launches new collections

New lens shapes and colours for men and women

20 Jul 2018 by Natasha Kee

Reykjavik Eyes has launched a new range of frames and colours as part of its July spectacles collection.

The titanium models are lightweight, hypoallergenic and screwless, with each type of frame coming in three different colour schemes.

According to the eyewear company, the new frames radiate personality, style and character. They feature doubles bridges, aviator shaping and oversized lenses.

For a more feminine look, the chic wing detailing of ‘Surt’ (pictured) frames is available. Alternatively, the rectangular profile of the ‘Skoll’ frames emphasise masculinity. The collection additionally includes four new rimless frames.

Reykjavik Eyes has also “branched out to offer a new range of petite styles designed especially for children,” CEO, James Conway, said. This collection consists of three new titanium frames in a range of distinct colourways.

Other collections will have their lines extended this July to feature some “fresh new colours.” Bestselling frames ‘Delling,’ ‘Heimdall,’ ‘Odin,’ ‘Saga’ and ‘Skadi’ will now include new colourway options, such as pink and burgundy or orange and black.

For further information, visit the Reykjavik Eyes website. 


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