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Lightweight style

A titanium frame from Stepper UK has been made using laser welding techniques

21 Mar 2018 by Andrew McClean

Stepper UK has highlighted its ‘SI-60125’ model, a lightweight men’s frame that weighs 12.7 grams.

The frame has a beta-titanium front and titanium sides that have been joined together using laser welding techniques.

It has a monotone matt metallic effect and is available in three colour options, which is contrasted by colouring on the inside of the frame. 

Managing director of Stepper UK, Peter Reeve, explained that the frame embodies the company’s approach to men’s styling. 

“It simply looks right from the moment you first see it. Pick it up and the lightness of the titanium plus the tactile quality of the finish means it feels right before you put it on,” he said. 

For further information, visit the Stepper website.


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