Rebel with a new cause

Police eyewear unveils a new collection and advertising campaign

09 Oct 2017 by Florence Adu-Yeboah

Global eyewear brand, De Rigo, has announced a complete refresh of its UK house brand, Police.

Following a major international study, Police creative director, Enrico Furlan told OT  that the brand conceived an innovative creative concept, communicating with customers in a “new voice” through the launch of its Quiet rebels campaign.

According to the company, the advertising campaign features “real people and situations” with the photoshoot centred on celebrating spontaneity and dynamism, while the locations have been replaced with various areas in the “heart of key cities around the world.”

Refreshed eyewear collections targeted at the fast fashion segment, such at the ‘Discovery’ line, were launched in a bid to attract the younger market with contemporary, distinctive and iconic frames.

Commenting on the new direction, the company said: “Today, the brand is aimed at the modern alphas; young people who wish to make a mark on the world they live in through their desire to express themselves. This is a revolutionary moment for Police, whereby Neymar Jr will no longer be the ambassador, but the house brand will aim its campaign and collections at the younger, more natural, yet rebellious audience.”

For more information visit the company’s website.


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