NXT level material

Essilor Sun Solution has launched its NXT material sun lenses

19 Jul 2017 by Andrew McClean

A dedicated polymer for sun-wear has been released by Essilor Sun Solution that promises optimal vision in different situations.

An Essilor representative explained to OT that NXT material “combines the optimal optical clarity of a mineral lens with the lightweight qualities and impact resistance of an organic lens.”

The new portfolio is available in four ranges, including NXT Embedded with built-in tint control, NXT Varia for photo-sensor control, NXT Polarized with glare control, and NXT Polarized Valria, which combines all NXT technologies in one lens.

In all of the new sun lenses, the dyes are embedded directly in the polymer mass to ensure colour precision, uniformity and durability, the company highlighted.

NXT Varia, which has been designed for drivers and winter sports enthusiasts, embeds photochromic molecules directly in the polymer mass, which allows for “optimal photochromic control and perfect adaption to specific environments,” Essilor told OT.  

The NXT Polarized range encloses polarized film between two layers of NXT material for better efficiency against reflective glare.

To find out more, visit the Essilor Sun Solutions website. 


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