Handmade ethical eyewear

Lewis Fredericks launches handmade horn spectacles

Lewis Fredericks eyewear

Lewis Fredericks has launched a range of spectacles created using horn, a previously wasted by-product of domesticated buffalo, ram and ox. 

By using the recycled product and hand-crafting each pair individually, the eyewear company has created a product that is not only ethical, but also unique. 

According to the company, horn is a sustainable and natural material, with the fibre of horn having properties "that outweigh any synthetic counterpart." It’s lightweight and durable and each pair will "gracefully flex and gradually mould to the contours of the wearers face," the company said. 

A spokesperson for Lewis Fredericks highlighted to OT: "Horn is a natural fibre; its integrity, pattern and structure cannot be replicated, making each individual pair of Lewis Fredericks a completely unique, one of a kind piece."

"With mass production and little technique now a calling card of the eyewear industry, Lewis Fredericks instead pays tribute to the rich history of eyewear’s past, through recycling the traditionally used material of horn, polarised lenses and expert hand craftsmanship."

For more information visit the company’s website.