Stylish protective eyewear for tots

Zoobug launches a summer collection for babies and toddlers

06 Jun 2017 by Florence Adu-Yeboah

Zoobug has launched a new eyewear collection designed for younger spectacles wearers this summer. 

The spring/summer 2017 collection is designed for babies and toddlers aged 0–4 years. According to the company, the range “delivers UV protection and comfort – whether the infant is moving or sitting in a stroller, in colourful designs that look cool and modern.” 

The frames are constructed from durable materials that are hypoallergenic and soft to ensure a safe fit for young wearers.  

Specifically tailored to provide support and comfort for smaller noses, the “unique built-up design prevents long lashes touching the lenses and offers extra support for the head in different positions,” the company said. 

The company’s one-piece Rubber Flex Active range has a one-piece construction and is free from metal parts, while other features include innovative flex hinges and versatile earlocks, which make it possible to adjust the end tips of the frame to sit correctly behind the child’s ears. 

With fidgety toddlers in mind, the spectacles have been crafted using state-of-the-art material that Zoobug has studied to ensure it keeps its form and remains stiff, so that even if the frames are dropped, the lenses are not likely to pop out. 

As well as being durable, the vibrant colourful designs and rubber material has a soft finish that makes them favourable with young wearers. “Kids tend to be attracted to it immediately when trying on new glasses owing to the soft feel and colourful designs,” the company explained. 


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