Comfortable with innovation

Stepper UK launches new lightweight women’s titanium frame that is backed by ‘industrial might’

Stepper UK's new women's titanium frame

Stepper UK has launched its new titanium ophthalmic frame for women, ‘SI-50114.’

The beauty of the new frame belies the industrial sophistication needed to produce it, according to the company.

Stepper UK highlights that the distinctive ‘stipple’ effect of the new women’s style is produced using vast presses to add a subtle effect to the front and sides.

Before colouration, the frames are given a microns-thin layer of gold plating, after which the three alternative colours of bronze, rouge or mauve are applied.

“Weighing just 10.5g, it’s hard to believe the industrial might needed to produce such a feminine style,” Stepper UK managing director, Peter Reeve, told OT.

Each month the company introduces new models to its extensive collection of frames, with Stepper UK emphasising their comfort and innovation.

However, working in hi-tec materials such as ‘TX5’ and titanium means that this rate of product development demands enormous investment.

“Working with titanium comes with numerous challenges,” said Mr Reeve, adding: “Pressing, trimming, computerised laser cutting, computerised laser welding and other complex stages are required to process this metal into the detailed designs demanded by Stepper.”

Mr Reeve added: “Titanium is notoriously difficult to work with and requires specialised plant machinery and technical abilities to turn this tough material into the finest eyewear.”

The results are worthwhile according to the company, as titanium’s properties are said to be ideally matched to eyewear. Lightweight, yet with enormous strength, complemented by its hypoallergenic characteristics, the material makes it a great choice for wearers with sensitive skin and those wanting light, durable frames.

Mr Reeve emphasised: “Stepper selects titanium, beta titanium, or a mixture of both, to best suit the design demands of each frame part.”

He explained: “Titanium offers great rigidity even when worked into small or thin frame elements. Beta titanium brings a plasticity to the metal where flexibility is needed."

For more information, visit the Stepper UK website.