Shaping up for the older spectacles wearer

International Eyewear highlights new frame launches with deeper shapes for progressive lenses

31 Aug 2016 by Robina Moss

International Eyewear is highlighting that new frames have been launched for older wearers in two of its collections, Brendel for women and Titanflex for men.

Brendel features deeper optical frames for the more mature spectacles wearer. Frames from the collection showcase distinctive patterns and intricate sculptural construction. 

The new Brendel models have focused on the use of TR90 material, a thermoplastic material that is durable, flexible and lightweight. The material’s properties make the frames comfortable for wearers who need to wear their spectacles all day. 

The company emphasises that TR90 is also slightly transparent, making the frames “delicate and flattering for the older face.” 

A frame for practitioners to note from the new Brendel summer launch is ‘903067,’ an elegant full rim model that revisits retro styling with its cat’s eye shape, which is “appealing to the older generation while also looking fashionable.” The deep eye shape is also a good fit for progressive lenses. 

Titanflex for men is a collection at the forefront of memory metal technology. The ophthalmic frames are composed of an exclusive titanium metal alloy, which is 10 times more flexible than standard metal and around one third lighter than conventional materials. 

A collection refresh of Titanflex has seen the addition of three new models with a refined, minimalistic design. The simplified design aesthetic is said to be perfect for the older man, as it is not too daring. The qualities of the Titanflex material also lend itself to the older age group, as the material is lightweight and durable. 

Another key design from the new launches is model ‘820713.’ The full rim model has a retro feel with its round eye shape, which is appealing to the older generation whilst also being fashionable. 
Once again all the models are over 35mm to allow for progressive lenses, for the older generation when wearing spectacles has become a necessity. 

For more information, visit the company’s website.


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