Adding zest to frames for older patients

Orange Eyewear launches four new ophthalmic frames

30 Aug 2016 by Robina Moss

Orange Eyewear has launched four new ophthalmic styles for independent practices aimed at older patients, with three of the styles for women.

Minimalistic ‘CC76,’ has been designed to be a lightweight titanium frame in a classic shape with a modern touch, deep enough for varifocal lenses.

The frame is offered in the colours gold and pansy, finished with a tie-die effect along the sides and tonal coloured acetate end tips.

Mazzucchelli acetate frame ‘OR578’ has “plenty of depth for progressive lenses.” Set off in rich jewel colours, turquoise and violet, the frame has a gold feature inlayed into the corner of the front.

Frame ‘OR573’ has a classic shape suitable for varifocal lenses and is embellished with Swarovski crystals. Offered in the colours blush and sand, the frame features bi-coloured acetate sides.

For older men, the company has catered with classic frame ‘OR557,’ which is designed to ensure a good fit for petite men, yet deep enough to accommodate varifocal lenses. The frame features linier laser detailing from the corner piece going along the sides. It is offered in the colours bronze and steel and has tonal coloured acetate end tips.

Commenting on eyewear trends for an older demographic, Orange Eyewear founder, Hanna Nussbaum, told OT: “When creating collections for the mature market, it’s important to remember the growing trend for ‘60 being the new 40,’ and that older customers are becoming more and more tuned in to what’s fashionable.”

Ms Nussbaum added: “For instance, our CC range, which features petite eye sizes among its offering, features soft, elegant designs with a modern twist.

“The frames, which are created using lightweight materials such as titanium, give wearers a chic look and, combined with nickel-free emission plating, are the perfect option for those seeking a timeless yet contemporary look,” Ms Nussbaum highlighted.

“Similarly, our in-house collections ‘Orange Ladies’ and ‘Orange Gents’ include a selection of beautiful frames that are both classic and current.”

She concluded: “Styles across the entire industry are constantly evolving, but we’ve noticed a real shift in how the older end of the market are choosing frames. Gone are the days of choosing a drab, characterless pair of spectacles, instead, they are looking for frames that have the ability to update their overall look, without compromising on fit or, importantly, price point.”

For more information, visit the company’s website.


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