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Positive Impact launches new CE-marked Glasklar bottles plus online ordering system

22 Aug 2016 by Robina Moss

Positive Impact has announced a number of product and service improvements for its Glasklar refillable lens cleaning system, which is designed to boost patients’ loyalty to their practice.

All Glasklar bottles display the CE mark as assurance of full compliance with the requirements for EU health, safety and environmental protection legislation.

The company has also launched a new online ordering system for Glasklar. As an incentive to use the new service, the company has added free delivery on all online orders until 31 December.

Positive Impact’s digital marketing executive, Nathan Khan, said: “Introducing an online order system gives our customers a wider choice of purchasing options, providing a greater customer experience all round.

He added: “This addition is part of a continued investment in improving the way we interact with our customers on a day-to-day basis.”

Pictured are optometrists David Elliott and Alan Pascoe of East Sussex practice Green & Elliot, which won its own Glasklar start-up set at 100% Optical by answering questions set by Positive Impact and then entering a prize draw.

For more information, visit the Glasklar website.


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