Delicate designs

With lightweight titanium and recycled stainless steels, OT  rounds up exciting styles in a range of metals

Neubau Eyewear

Frames: A design spark

Neubau Eyewear unveiled the third release in its ‘Changing the Perspective’ range, with the fire collection this summer.

Representing the element of fire, the collection features three optical models and two sunglasses in strong shapes and vibrant hues. The frames are made from recycled stainless steel using a local and resource-efficient production.

Colours range from silky rose matte, silver matte and gold matte, to graphite matte and black ink.

Models include aviator style ‘Franz,’ ‘Gabriel’ which features a double bridge, a Panto style ‘Nik, and cat’s-eye models, ‘Heidi’ and ‘Betty.’

The brand added further to its collection with the ‘Ella,’ ‘Luca,’ and ‘Maxime’ (pictured) frames.

Neubau Eyewear

Frames: Nano-plated finish

Blackfin has introduced new optical frames in its Blackfin Black Edition, featuring polished fronts with matte sides. The ‘Danzica’ and ‘Hayden’ frames are the first to feature the latest amber rose gold finish. The ‘Danzica’ frame (pictured) pairs this with dark blue sides, whilst the latter contrasts the frame with burgundy sides.

The frames have been designed with Blackfin Nano-plating technology, a patented process through which metal particles are vacuum-deposited by sublimation onto the surface of the eyewear until the desired colour is achieved.

The company suggests this process allows for an aesthetic appeal that is durable and resistant to wear.


Equipment: Steady observations

Louis Stone Optical has highlighted a new Volk armrest for slit lamp examinations, made by Oculus.

The armrest is made from elder wood and helps to keep an optometrists’ arm steady during examinations using a Volk lens with a slit lamp.

The product is durable and also has a removable base for protection. It also has plastic studs at the base for extra grip.


Contact lenses: Specialist resources

No7 Contact Lenses launched a new website and service to support eye care professionals (ECPs) interested in fitting lenses for irregular corneas.

The IC Specialist website includes a range of educational courses, a contact lens design selector, key product information and beta access to new IC designs. The company hopes that by using this, ECPs will be able to build product knowledge, increase fitting choices and enhance their product offering.

The company suggested the service is “an essential internal training tool, helping clinical leads and practice owners to keep their teams up-to-speed and supplementing their professional development.”

Discussing the platform, Katie Harrop, professional services director & UK commercial lead for No7 Contact Lenses, said: “We have created a way to share our knowledge, expertise and experience with customers in an accessible and convenient manner. Ultimately, our goal is to help more patients with irregular corneas to live happier lives with healthier vision.”

The service is free for No7 customers, who can register online. Further developments planned for late 2021 include a blog/vlog and a contact lens knowledge base.


Frames: Everyday affordability

Atlantic Optical recently launched its Enhance range in the UK, with 1100 stock keeping units (SKU) covering 260 styles.

All the frames in the collection feature spring hinges, with stainless steel metals and acetate plastics, with no cold glaze styles.

The demographic of the collection covers eyewear for men and women, as well as teens and younger children. Eye sizes start at 42 and run up to 60 with bridges in 14 too 23 and side lengths from 125 to. 160.

Speaking to OT, Jayne Smerald, director of Atlantic Optical, explained: “Over the last challenging year, we spent a serious amount of time talking with our customers and researching the market. Value product, quality with colour, was a strong message. Timing was right for a new collection at this price point.”

Smerald added that market pick-up has been strong, “with customers telling us Enhance is a breath of fresh air for this market.”


Frames: Colour pops

Ad Lib has introduced lightweight, colourful frames designed for the “young and young at heart.” The all-titanium frames feature contrasting tones, geometric shapes and neo-retro styles, while the brand has also re-released five of its best-selling models in new colours.

Women’s styles include the rounded ‘AB3280’ with colour dashes on the brow and sides, and cat’s-eye style ‘AB3281’ with end pieces and eyebrow featuring tone-in-tone colourways. The butterfly-shaped ‘AB3282’ and the hexagonal ‘AB3283’ host colour contrasts on the inside and outside of the sides.

The men’s styles present streamline titanium shapes with bright colour accents. The sporty ‘AB3324’ and rectangular ‘AB3325’ feature bold colour contrasts on the insides of the sides, and 3D end pieces with colour accents. The updated round frame for men ‘AB3321’ has a slightly flattened lower rim with stripes along the sides, while the soft square ‘AB3322’ hosts colour accents on the front and thin sides.

The brand has also re-released five of its best-selling men’s frames: ‘AB3162U,’ ‘AB317OU,’ ‘AB3304,’ ‘AB3176U,’ and ‘AB3178U’ in new colours: petrol blue and pale grey.


Frames: Resplendent in recycled materials

Mita Eyewear has launched Collezione 2, its new range of optical and sunglasses frames made from sustainable materials including recyclable aluminium and recycled water bottles. Demo lenses are also biodegradable, along with the packaging.

Among the new frames, the ‘Amalfi’ sunglasses are made from recycled PET plastic in a cat’s eye shape with gradient lenses and pastel colours. The ‘MIO1022’ also draws from the 1940s with a recycled plastic twist but with slightly wider rims.

For men, the ‘Sorrento’ double bridge aviator offers an angular style made from recycled water bottles and featuring a metal detail. The ‘MIO1019’ offers a similar shape in a semi-rimless optical frame made from recyclable bale aluminium.