VRmagic rebrands as Haag-Streit Simulation

The provider of virtual reality technology for medical training joined the Haag-Streit Group in 2020

Eyesi Slit Lamp
VRmagic, a manufacturer of virtual reality training technology, has rebranded its simulator branch to Haag-Streit Simulation.

The company provides virtual and augmented reality technology in medical training, including simulations of examinations of the eye.

VRmagic joined the Haag-Streit Group in April 2020. The companies suggest the creation of Haag-Streit Simulation will strengthen the corporate brand, and also expand the product portfolio for medical education and training in ophthalmology.

Through the collaboration the educational platform, Haag-Streit Academy, is also expected to become a “stronger resource” for eye care professionals as, the company also has experience in developing teaching concepts and integrating simulators into medical educational programmes.

Markus Schill, CEO of VRmagic, said: “Sales co-operation with the Haag-Streit distribution network will allow us to offer more efficient customer service on the ground.”

“Haag-Streit subsidiaries in the UK and US have already begun to implement operational efficiencies, designed to further enhance the customer experience,” Schill said, adding that marketing activities will also be synchronised.

Haag-Streit has exclusive UK distributorship of three Haag-Streit Simulation diagnostic training products; the Eyesi Slit Lamp, Eyesi Direct and Eyesi Indirect.

Prior to joining the Haag-Streit Group, VRmagic’s Eyesi SlitLamp was already integrated into the original hardware of the Haag-Streit BQ 900 slit lamp.