Haag-Streit opens 2024 Slit Lamp Imaging Competition

A new category for slit lamp video submissions has been added for the 2024 competition 

 A graphic of three illustrated computer screens, each displaying a different slit lamp image
Haag Streit Slit Lamp Imaging Competition

Haag-Streit UK has launched its sixth Slit Lamp Imaging Competition with a new category for video entries for 2024.

The competition showcases the slit lamp imaging skills of eye care professionals, with entries judged on image quality, technical execution, and disease interest.

New for the 2024 competition, entrants can submit short videos recorded on slit lamps, with Haag-Streit hoping to attract ophthalmic videographers in addition to photographers.

The first-placed entrants in the video and image categories will receive a Sony Alpha 7CII 28-60mm kit, and the overall winner of the imaging category will have their work featured in an ophthalmic journal.

Second and third place in the imaging category will win an iPad 12 Pro 11 and a Peak Design camera backpack, respectively.

Frank Wenger, head of product management general diagnostics at Haag-Streit, who will form part of the judging panel, commented: “Every year, professionals from around the world compete to showcase the possibilities of ophthalmological imaging. By adding video into the mix, we are excited to expand on the contest’s rich tradition while celebrating the artistic potential of the slit lamp.”

The 2023 competition received more than 350 images by participants from 18 countries

The Slit Lamp Imaging Competition 2024 is open until 9 August 2024, with details on participation available online

Winners of the slit lamp competition will be announced on 7 October 2024 through Haag-Streit's social media channels.