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Hit list

OT  focuses on…OCT and other equipment

From dry eye treatments to OCT upgrades, OT  rounds up the latest equipment innovations

tear stim

Preventative measures

Essilor has launched the TearStim dry eye treatment device by ESW Vision.

TearStim is a non-invasive procedure that uses intense regulated pulsed light technology in order to increase meibomian gland functionality.

The company explained that the treatment provides a long-lasting solution to alleviate dry eye symptoms over four sessions.

Director of instruments at Essilor, Paul Cumber, said: “The treatment not only combats the causes of dry eye, it is also preventive as it takes effect even before symptoms arise, which is another selling point for at risk patients.”

The procedure involves the practitioner covering the patient’s eyes with eye protector shells. A gel is applied below the eyes and a series of eight to 10 light pulses are aimed at the region below the eyes.

The treatment not only combats the causes of dry eye, it is also preventive

Director of instruments at Essilor, Paul Cumber


BiB Ophthalmic Instruments has launched the Optopol Revo NX-130 optical coherence tomography (OCT) device, which captures at 130,000 A-scans per second.

The device features the equipment company’s new Motion Correction Technology software, which eliminates eye movement, blinks and artefacts.

BiB explained that Optopol Revo NX-130 provides OCT-A results while minimising patient inconvenience of any necessary re-scans.

It is also available with OCT-B Biometry, OCT-T Tomopgraphy and OCT-A Angiography add-ons.

Optopol Revo NX-130

Myopia module

Topcon will launch several upgrades to its range of devices at Optrafair (4–7 April).

The equipment company will launch a new myopia module to its Aladdin device, which combines axial length analysis, corneal topography and pupil assessment in one instrument.

Topcon’s 3D OCT-1 Maestro2 now features OCT-A and a widefield scanning function, as well as integration of the Hood report.

The company said that its DRI OCT Triton is “one of the most versatile OCTs available” as FAF and OCT-A functionality have now been added.

eye examination

Macular pigment

Heidelberg Engineering has highlighted a report that validates its Spectralis device for macular pigment assessment.

The Standardizing the Assessment of Macular Pigment Using a Dual-Wavelength Autoflorescence Technique, which was published in Translational Vision Science & Technology, found that the Spectralis Macular Pigment Optical Volume measurements provides “comprehensive and objective” evaluation.

Authors highlighted that the dual-wavelength autofluorescence technique of the Spectralis Macular Pigment Optical Volume is the gold standard for macular pigment assessment.

The Spectralis Macular Pigment Optical Volume is currently being developed by Heidelberg Engineering.

Heidelberg Engineering’s Spectralis