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OT  focuses on…products for dry eye

From eye masks to drops, OT  takes a look at the latest products for dry eye

woman wearing eye mask

Eye mask: Warming system

BiB Ophthalmic Instruments highlighted its EyeGiene Insta-Warmth eye mask with an adjustable strap.

The eye mask was developed by ophthalmologist and founder of Eyedetec USA, Dr Barry Linder, for the treatment of dry eye, blepharitis and chalazion.

Patients place a warming system into each eye pouch within the eye mask and it reaches the correct temperature in seconds, which is maintained for eight to 10 minutes.

Group CEO of BiB Ophthalmic Instruments, Tim Baker, said: “EyeGiene has been created to offer patients added convenience, added safety and above all a controlled and effective timed treatment session.”

He added that the EyeGiene Insta-Warmth solution minimises the variables and associated risks of self-administering.

“In addition, for the first time, it provides practitioners with an additional revenue stream by virtue of repeat consumable sales of the warming systems and at the same time enhances patient loyalty,” Mr Baker explained.

BiB Ophthalmic Instruments highlighted that EyeGiene Insta-Warmth does not require an additional heat source or water and is more hygienic than conventional eye compresses.

EyeGiene has been created to offer patients added convenience, added safety and above all a controlled and effective timed treatment session

Group CEO of BiB Ophthalmic Instruments, Tim Baker

Drops: Preservative free

Avizor product

Avizor has launched a new multidose version of its Lacrifresh dry eye range of drops.

The 10ml range includes Moisture 0.10%, Ocu-Dry 0.20% and Ocu-Dry 0.30%, which the company said covers all levels of dry eye from occasional or mild to moderate or severe.

All drops in the range are approved for use with contact lenses and are preservative free. Once opened, the bottles will remain sterile for 90 days.

Avizor highlighted that Ocu-Dry 0.30% has the lowest osmolarity level at 160–190mOsm/L and is also approved for overnight use.

Country manager for the UK and Ireland at Avizor, Gary Daniels, said: “The premium product is Ocu-Dry 0.30%, which combines 0.30% hyaluronate, the lowest osmolarity in the range at 160–190 mOsm/L and viscosity of 48-52Cp. Ocu-Dry 0.30% is hypotonic and provides prolonged relief for moderate to severe dry eye disease.”

Avizor explained that the new products complement Avizor’s uni-dose range, which also provides prolonged relief for patients suffering from occasional to severe dry eye.

Compress: Biodegradable packaging

woman wearing biodegradable eye mask

The EyeBag Company is marking its 15th anniversary with the introduction of biodegradable packaging for its EyeBag compress.

The eye-warming compress, which is already zero-waste, was designed by a consultant ophthalmologist for the treatment of dry eye, blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction.

After revising its stock board, The EyeBag Company will replace the varnish that is currently used on the product with a machine coating that guarantees total biodegradability, plus plastic security seals will be placed by paper ones.

EyeBag is a silk and cotton compress filled with flax seeds.

A disposable version of the product is also available, EyeBag Instant, which provides a solution when travelling or when a microwave is not available.

Eye mask: Hot and cold

eye mask

Grafton Optical highlighted the I-Relief therapy eye mask from I-Med Pharma.

The hot and cold therapy eye mask contains ThermaBeads to relieve symptoms associated with blepharitis, dry eye and meibomian gland dysfunction.

The company explained that consistent use of heat therapy can help increases blood circulation, stimulate lipid oil production and reduce tear evaporation over time.

Grafton Optical added that cold therapy can relieve headaches, sinus pressure, swelling and puffiness. It constricts blood flow to reduce inflammation, relieves eye strain and increase comfort.

I-Relief features an elastic strap that can be adjusted for different levels of compress, naturally hydrating beads for deep penetrating moist heat therapy and temperature retaining ThermaBeads for lasting hot or cold therapy.

It has a contouring shape to allow full contact, a soft cloth fabric for comfort and a machine washable fabric slip cover.

Cleanser: Moisturiser blend

ocusoft product

Ocusoft has launched Lid Scrub Plus Platinum eye cleanser.

The extra strength leave-on eye cleanser contains surfactants and a moisturiser blend that is designed to eradicate seven different strains of bacteria.

Ocusoft explained that the bacteria is commonly found on the eyelids, including MRSA and staphylococcus epidermidis.

Lid Scrub Plus Platinum contains PSG-2, which is a formulation that includes phytosphingosine – a water binding agent that mimics the natural lipid later of the outer epidermis for increased moisturising throughout the day.

The company shared that phytosphingosine has been reported to offer anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well as aid in healing wounds.

Managing director of Ocusoft, Trevor McCormack, said: “This next-generation combination therapy is fast-acting against microorganisms and expedites healing of the eyelids while addressing inflammation and long-term eyelid hygiene.”

Gel: Night-time relief

HydraMed product

Positive Impact has launched HydraMed Night Sensitive.

It is a thick lubricating gel designed to provide long lasting relief from the symptoms of dry eye during the night.

HydraMed Night Sensitive is lanolin-free for sensitive eyes, which Positive Impact said is the first of its kind with around one in 10 patients allergic to lanolin.

The formulation is also preservative-free and contains herbal extracts of calendula and chamomile for a soothing effect, plus vitamin A.

Positive Impact explained that the gel complements its range of drops, which contain a formulation of high-molecular weight, hyaluronic acid and tamarind seed polysaccharide to restore and retain hydration while maintaining the eyes’ natural health.

Marketing and professional services director at Positive Impact, Nick Atkins, said: “The HydraMed range really delivers on our desire to provide customers with best-in-class dry eye solutions.”

He added that Positive Impact now has the only lanolin-free formulation on the market for patients who require a gel overnight.

Drops: Crosslinked solution

visufarma product

Visufarma has launched 5ml and unit dose versions of its VisuXL eye drops.

The preservative-free solution contains a crosslinked version of hyaluronic acid with coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

Visufarma explained that the benefit of the antioxidant CoQ10 has been investigated in treating dry eye. It was found to protect the eye and promote the health of corneal damage.

It added that as people get older, the amount of CoQ10 in our body reduces and using eye drops can replace it.

When crosslinked, the shape of the hyalyronic acid changes, which means the drops stay on the eye longer than regular hyalyronic acid drops, the company said.

Visufarma explained that its VisuXL solution can lubricate, protect and promote healing in dry eye by applying two drops per day.