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From butterfly shapes to classic aviators, OT  takes a look at the latest sunglass styles

Booth & Bruce 2019 sunglasses

Panto: Crystal hornet

Booth & Bruce has launched its spring/summer 2019 collection of sunglasses.

The sunglasses are the first of its frames to feature a back surface anti-reflection coating, with some models featuring polarised lenses.

Company director of Booth & Bruce, Peter Sunderland, said: “Inspiration is drawn from previous successful models. We are always growing and developing as a brand, refining and evolving our style, creating eyewear that’s as striking as it is wearable.”

Mr Sunderland explained that he designed the sunglasses thinking about the type of person who would be wearing them. For example, its ‘Popstar’ style was imagined to be worn by Ariana Grande or Calvin Harris.

The ‘Popstar’ model is available in colour options such as crystal hornet (pictured above) and in two polarised options – red hornet and tiger’s eye. It is inspired by Booth & Bruce’s ‘BB1511’ optical frame.

For further information, visit the Booth & Bruce website.

We are always growing and developing as a brand, refining and evolving our style, creating eyewear that’s as striking as it is wearable

Company director of Booth & Bruce, Peter Sunderland

Butterfly: Oversized wings

Silhouette has launched its Accent Shades collection, which take inspiration from its AOP Award-winning Accent Rings spectacles.

Perry Moore, managing director of Silhouette UK, said: “Taking our iconic rimless chassis, the collection harmoniously enhances cool shapes and translucent colours using stylish rings to enfold the lenses, reviving 1970s and 80s silhouettes with contemporary charm.”

Mr Moore explained that women’s sunglasses in the collection are inspired by the blue morpho didius butterfly, which is known for its oversized wings and graceful movements.

“The statement design of Accent Shades similarly features large, expressive lens shapes that maintain a light look and feel,” he added.

The collection features three styles with lenses available in colour options such as grey, mint rose, glossy caramel and brown.

Unisex styles have a vintage look with half-rim frames that are available in four colour options, while men’s frames include an aviator shape with a double bridge bar.

For further information, visit the Silhouette website.

Silhouette Accent rings frames
Accent Shades sunglass frame

Pilot: Ultra-thin

Mondottica has launched the 2019 sunglasses collection by its licensed brand, Hackett.

The eyewear company said the styles are inspired by heritage eyewear fashions combined with the latest materials.

The ‘HSB887’ model (pictured) contains all of the elements of the brand’s identity – “timeless, classic design and premium, quality materials at an affordable luxury price,” the company said.

Brand director at Hackett, Ettore Pisano, said: “These elements are what guides us in conceiving new eyewear collections every year since 2005 when we launched the first collection and will see us continuing this partnership until 2024 as we have just renewed the licence agreement.”

‘HSB887’ is a pilot shape made from ultra-thin acetate and features an open double bridge, rivet detailing and polarised lenses.

Other styles include ‘HSB891,’ which is a thin stainless steel metal front in a panto shape with vintage filigree embellishments on the hinges and the bridge. It includes a new ‘H’ monogram on the nose pads and on the acetate tips.

For further information, visit the Mondottica website.

Mondottica Hackett frames
Hackett 'HSB887' frame

Aviator: Unisex appeal

Norville has added two new models to its Barbour range of polarised sunglasses.

Both styles – ‘BS073’ and ‘BS074’ – have a classic aviator shape that are designed to be unisex to appeal to a wider market, the company explained.

The ‘BS073’ style is made from metal and is available in brown or gun colour options. The eye sizes range from 56–49 with a 16mm bridge and sides of 140mm.

The ‘BS074’ is an acetate frame, which Norville said gives the model an unusual finish. It is available in crystal or navy, in eye sizes 56–47 with a 20mm bridge and 140mm sides.

Group sales director at Norville, Mark Truss, said: “We are delighted to present two new additions to the Barbour range, encompassing the latest design trend with both styling and materials. The aviator style highlights the latest trends while our new acetate shape introduces crystal and blue.”

For further information, visit the Norville website.

Norville BS074
Norville BS074 sunglass frame

Flat top: Reinterpreted designs

Safilo has launched Polaroid’s spring/summer 2019 Heritage capsule collection of polarised sunglasses.

The range celebrates Polaroid’s history from the 1930s to today with reinterpreted designs of heritage eyewear using the latest trends.

Safilo explained that its capsule collection is a tribute to its founder, Edwin Land, who invented the first synthetic polarising filter.

Styles include ‘6088,’ which is a flat-topped women’s cat’s eye frame made from acetate and stainless steel. It is available in dark Havana with grey polarised lenses, black with grey lenses or ivory and black with copper lenses.

Men’s sunglasses include ‘6085’ (pictured), which is a bi-layer acetate model with a two colour-contrasting graphic lines on the front. Colour options include black and ivory with grey polarised lenses, burgundy and grey with grey lenses, and grey and brown with bronze lenses.

For further information, visit the Safilo website

Safilo Polaroid frames
Polaroid frame '6088'

Single bar: Artisanal excellence

Marchon Eyewear has launched a new pair of men’s sunglasses by the fashion brand, Salvatore Ferragamo.

The eyewear company said that ‘SF197S’ “expresses attitude and elegance while keeping true to the brand’s tailored appeal and artisanal excellence.”

Salvatore Ferragame said the frame has been launched as part of its spring/summer 2019 global advertising campaign and “represents the quintessence of the Maison’s balance between timeless refinement and modern distinction.”

The frame is made from a mix of acetate and metal and features a cut-out effect on the front with three pins holding the lens in place.

It has a single acetate bar across the brow instead of a double bridge, which Marchon Eyewear said gives the frame a sharp, masculine look. Colour options include black, matte dark gunmetal and dark ruthenium.

For further information, visit the Marchon website.

Marchon Salvatore Ferragamo frame
Marchon frame ‘SF197S’

Cat’s eye: High gloss

Galaxy Optical has launched a range of Lipsy sunglasses that are available in high gloss black and a tortoiseshell.

Styles are inspired by the narrow cat’s eye shapes that were seen at this year’s fashion weeks in London, Paris and New York.

Head of frame sales at Galaxy Optical, Dawn Selkirk, said: “Delicately finished with Lipsy design detail and branding, the collection displays the fashion brands signature styling, quality and attention to detail.”

The model ‘514-2’ (pictured) is a small cat’s eye shape that accentuates the eyes to become a statement piece, the company explained.

Embellishments feature on the brow of ‘511-1,’ which has a contrasting black and gold colouring with grey tinted lenses. It has a moulded bridge, slim metal sides and black tips for comfort.

Acetate model ‘510-1’ has floral detailing with an embossed plaque and embellish crystals on the side.

For further information, visit the Galaxy Optical website.

Galaxy Optical Lipsy frames
Lipsy sunglass frame ‘514-2’