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Student optometrist

AOP student membership is free from your first day at university until you qualify. Click on the member benefits below for more information.

Our journal, Optometry Today, in print and online

OT regularly reports on student and pre-registration issues, and the team keeps in touch with AOP student reps to ensure the student voice is heard.

With your free bi-monthly copy of OT sent direct to your preferred address, and full access to all OT online content, you’ll always be up to date with the latest in optical science, technology and research, along with industry expert opinions and features.

Online education library

The OT education library has over 30 skills guide videos which feature guided demonstrations of clinical procedures, to help you develop and practice your core skills set.

The education library also contains an archive of hundreds of past CPD exams, which can be taken as many times as you like to support your learning and revision.

The student voice and representation

Our student reps are current optometry students at universities across the UK. Their role is to represent the student voice to the AOP, to share your ideas and views with us to help us develop our student benefits and services.

Find out who your current AOP student reps are and how you can get in touch with them.

We listen to our student members and seek your views to ensure your voice is heard on important issues including the future of optometry education, regulation and technology.

Free, confidential Peer Support Line 0800 870 8401

We hope you enjoy your time at university, but we know student life isn’t always easy. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious or stressed about something talking it through can help.

Whether it’s loneliness, exam stress, money worries, relationship or family problems, or something else, our peer support line offers a free, confidential and non-judgmental space for to explore your options.

Our trained volunteers will listen with empathy and help you work through whatever is troubling you to find clarity and a way forward.

Support for your pre-registration placement and OSCE

We offer support through the whole process, from finding a placement, to passing your OSCE and qualifying.

Our pre-registration vacancy list allows you to browse training placements across the UK. Alternatively,  you can advertise your availability for a pre-registration placement on our Pre-reg register.

Our contract checking service allows you to run a new or existing employment contract past our experts, who can explain the small print, and what your rights and obligations are.

We also offer essential advice on preparing for practice once you’ve qualified.

Essential legal, clinical and regulatory advice

Our in-house experts are available to give essential advice and support to any student members. If you ever find yourself under investigation by your university or the GOC, our expert advice and guidance could help you keep your career on track. We will always endeavour to secure the best possible outcome for our student members. Read about a student our legal team helped.

You can also get advice from our expert employment lawyers, to help you fully understand your contractual obligations and your employment rights during your pre-registration training placement and after qualification.

Career inspiration, advice and mentoring

Our A to Optometry series and Where can optometry take you vlogs will inspire you to consider the full range of career options open to you as an optometrist.

When you’re ready to think about a work placement in your pre-registration year, our expert employment lawyers can help with any questions you might about an employment contract, so you understand your rights and obligations at work.

Our mentoring programme offers the chance to gain additional, impartial support from a more experienced AOP member. Match with someone who has experience in an area that interests you, and work with them on specific developmental goals to develop your confidence and gain new professional insights.

Exclusive financial advice with our affinity partner Lloyd & Whyte

Lloyd & Whyte can offer our student members exclusive deals on home and travel insurance products, and no obligation expert financial advice. Try their free financial health check tool  to see if you could benefit from their expertise.

You can access our free non-optometry legal advice line 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The advice line can assist you with things like neighbour disputes, landlord and tenant issues, criminal enquiries and a lot more. Call 0345 250 0762 and remember to quote your membership number.

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Check your inbox and follow us on social media for regular news and updates. You can change your email or postal address if you want your copy of OT or our email updates sent to a different address.

To retain your free membership throughout your studies and pre-registration year, all we ask is that you confirm your year of study and contact details with us when we get in touch to renew your membership each year.