Sell out AOP Student Conference provides valuable career support

The Association of Optometrists’ (AOP’s) popular student conference has given attendees an insight into what to expect after graduation. The conference, which ran from 27 to 29 November, mixed practical legal and career advice as well as clinical learning to prepare undergraduates for entering employment.

Attendee Luke Summers, a student at Cardiff University, said the conference added an extra dimension to what is learned at university. He added: “You can actually see what happens in the real world rather than just... within the confines of your clinic.”

CV and interview advice was particularly popular, with attendees advised on how to tailor their applications to different types of employers, what to include on their CV and how to prepare for interviews. Josephine Evans, currently studying at Manchester University, said: “It was really valuable to learn about how to do CVs and cover letters and what they [employers] are looking for.” Tulsi Patel, from Bradford University, commented that the CV advice was a highlight and said: “Now I know how to finish my CV and how to gear it towards multiples and independents.”

As well as giving advice on how attendees could increase their chances while applying for roles, the conference also covered different career paths and enabled attendees to speak with a variety of employers one-to-one.

Benjamin Radivan, from Aston University, commented that the conference was “a really good opportunity to meet different employers and find out more about pre-reg [pre-registration] life.” He added he would leave the event knowing “just more about what our career will be like in the future as optometrists.”

The conference was also a chance for students to socialise and celebrate. The AOP Film and Television Awards (AFTA) prize giving was held on Saturday night with City University students taking home the award for their film The Optom Games, a parody of the Hunger Games franchise.

Abigail East, a student at Aston University, said that the conference’s social aspects were a draw and commented: “[I] really enjoyed meeting new people from other unis.”

The AOP has announced that due to the popularity of the event next year’s conference will be open to third year students from the outset. The 2016 Student Conference will take place on 26-27 November at Warwick University.


For more information, please contact Emily Campbell, Marketing and PR and Officer, at the Association of Optometrists, [email protected] or telephone 020 7549 2040.

Highlights from the Student Conference and the AFTAs can be viewed on the Optometry Today website. A range of high res images from the event are available via Dropbox.

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AOP Student Conference

The AOP Student Conference prepares optometry students for the future. The annual event offers second and third year undergraduates from all nine UK-based university optometry departments the opportunity to network with professionals and discover their career options.