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Spotlight on: low-level red light therapy

Di Miao, of Eyerising International, spoke with OT  about the company’s Myproclear device for the management of myopia

Eyerising International showcased a new device for the management of myopia at 100% Optical (25-27 February).

Biomedical engineer, Di Miao, told OT that the device is intended to be used by children five days a week. The company recommends two sessions of three minutes each.

She shared that the technology facilitates blood flow at the back of the patient’s eye to reduce elongation of axial length and control the progression of myopia.

Miao emphasised that the device is easy to use, non-invasive and it is easy to achieve a good compliance rate.

“It is part of the myopia toolkit for clinicians,” she said.

Miao added that the company recommends patients start with two years of treatment.

The Myproclear device is CE-marked. Multi-centre randomised clinical trials have been completed using the technology in China.

Eyerising International is currently looking for early-adopter optometry practices in the UK to introduce the technology.