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Ocuco demonstrates the Acuitas 3 Omnichannel Edition

The omnichannel-native application is designed to help practices provide a consistent patient experience online and in practice

Ocuco has launched the Acuitas 3 Omnichannel Edition, helping practices provide a “consistent experience” to patients across online channels and in practice.

At 100% Optical (25–27 February) Kristian Kiamos, Ocuco director of product management, gave OT a tour of the omnichannel-native application, explaining that it goes beyond a practice management system.

“The benefit of an omnichannel approach is that you can offer a consistent experience to your patients, no matter whether they contact you through the phone, through the internet, or come in the practice,” he explained.

Rather than using multiple systems, the Acuitas 3 Omnichannel Edition is designed as a framework that allows for different touchpoints to be brought into one place.

The application is catered to a practice’s online presence and on-site operations, and can be used by a practice of any size.

Kiamos first shared the patient’s view of the online appointment booking process, with the system allowing for questionnaires to be embedded.

Talking through a practice’s view of the system, Kiamos shared that the home screen can be adjusted to the configuration that best suits different users, such as different staff across the practice.

Features enable practices to work on patient management, dispensing, orders or NHS claims. Other solutions include task lists, a virtual waiting room, and an appointment diary that can incorporate multiple practice sites.

“I think the market should be excited because with this tool you can keep up with the patient’s ever-changing demands and offer new services and experiences,” Kiamos said.

“Not only that, but we’re offering a number of new innovations on the market,” he added.

The application hosts a new CRM campaigns module, allowing practices to create omnichannel campaigns and communicate with patients easily.

Embedded business intelligence has also been introduced, to support practices in evaluating performance.

“We have even incorporated video conferencing into the system, so that you can set up a video conference and speak to your patients if they have any doubts or need to speak to an optical professional about their eye care needs,” Kiamos said.