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AOP members’ stories on screen

OT  goes behind-the-scenes of the AOP’s new series of member videos with Louisa Cliff, marketing manager

Inside an optometry practice, Meera stands behind a reception desk, on which stand a display of glasses cases, hand sanitiser and leaflets. On the wall to the left of Meera is a large display of colourful Kirk & Kirk eyewear. Two women stand on the other side of the desk with a video camera

What was the idea behind the video series?

We wanted to produce a new membership benefits video to replace a film made in 2016 that had become outdated. We knew we wanted to champion members’ voices and place their personal experiences of membership at the heart of the film and feature each member’s story in individual clips to use for social media.

What topics do the videos cover? Why was it important to focus on these areas?

We wanted to have the voices of members at varied career stages and different modes of practice in the film and try to represent the diversity of our membership, which isn’t easy to achieve with limited time and budget. We felt that the voices of a business owner, a locum, and an early career member represent the range of individuals our membership covers, and the benefits we can offer to all our members throughout their careers.

Could you talk through the process of making the videos?

We met with some production agencies to discuss the project, and after careful consideration selected Faltrego, who were new to us but came with fantastic references from the Royal College of Nursing and Citizens Advice Bureau. We worked with the team at Faltrego to create a concept and storyboard, and began to get in touch with members to ask if they’d like to participate.

We were very lucky and pleased that quite a few members kindly expressed an interest in taking part. Making the final selection was hard but logistics and ensuring we were representing our membership as best we could were deciding factors. Filming took place over three days during the summer at the members’ places of work.

Were there any stand-out moments from the filming or production process?

It was great to hear from members in their own words what it is they appreciate about the AOP, and then work with them on location to bring their stories to life and see their positivity portrayed on screen.

Woman holding a camera, optometrists Fatema is visible on the camera screen

Why would you encourage members and non-members to take a look?

To find out what some of your fellow practitioners say about the value they place on their AOP membership. We often say AOP membership is more than just insurance, but I think our members say it much better than us. They have personal experience of the support our experts offer, of gaining confidence, and benefiting professionally and personally through accessing our expert advice and support.

If a member is interested in getting involved in AOP activity in the future, how can they get in touch?

Members can get in touch with me by email.