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AOP makes headlines with cost of living campaign

The campaign received coverage in more than 130 regional publications, as well as in national press and broadcast media

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Pexels/Mikhail Nilov

The AOP has reported a wide-reaching response to its cost of living campaign, launched in late November.

The launch of the campaign followed the results of a public poll of over 1000 people, carried out in October, which found that two-thirds of respondents who wear glasses or contact lenses were “putting off” going to see an optometrist due to fear of the cost.

Adam Sampson, AOP chief executive, explained: “Our research shows that people are being forced to make decent vision an optional ‘extra’ – a truly concerning reality.”

The AOP warned of the effect of the cost of living crisis on eye health, and called for a 12.5% increase to the NHS optical voucher, to help those struggling with rising costs to access eye care.

In the months since the launch, the campaign has made headlines across the UK. Media coverage included:

  • Nearly 40 broadcast hits across TV and radio. This included Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch and interviews with AOP spokespeople on BBC Northern Ireland and BBC South, and 27 individual radio pieces on BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Asian Network, BBC Solent, UCB, and Radio Berkshire
  • 12 national print and online pieces across The i, The Times, Sky News, Evening Standard, Daily Mail, Daily Star, Mirror, Sun and Scottish Sun, as well as Yahoo!, MSN, and Money Saving Expert
  • More than 130 regional print articles in publications including: the Belfast Telegraph, The Northern Echo, South Wales Guardian, Glasgow Times, Bournemouth Echo, Wandsworth Times, and Suffolk News.

The campaign also received support from Labour MP for Battersea, Marsha de Cordova, who said: “Proper eye care shouldn’t be a luxury and people shouldn’t have to choose between spending money on their sight or eating.”

The campaign uses the hashtag #EyeCareSupportNow, with resources available at: