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Lenses lead the way

With less than three weeks until 100% Optical 2017, OT  finds out about the exhibitors and education available in the Lenses Hall

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When 100% Optical opens its doors at London’s ExCeL Exhibition Centre (4–6 February), visitors will once again be able to easily explore specific areas of interest to them, with the show’s trademark layout returning

The exhibition hall is divided into four key industry areas – equipment and machinery, lenses, eyewear and business services.

A range of new and returning names gather in the Lenses Hall for 2017, with manufacturers and suppliers expected to unveil their latest products and innovations during the show. 

Among the companies confirmed are Safilens UK, Shamir, Optimum Coatings Ltd, Abartron and Deepcove Optical.

Sharing its plans for the show, Shamir informed OT that it will have a Formula 1 driving simulator present during the show, and invites visitors to its stand for the opportunity to get behind the wheel. A prize will be awarded to the visitor who completes the route in the fastest time on each day.

With two stands at the show (W330 and L110), Shamir lens consultants will be present throughout the three-day event to speak to delegates about the benefits of its lenses, as well as to provide demonstrations on its new spectacles-measuring tool, the Spark Mi.

"Take advantage of the flexibility that modern freeform progressive lens technology affords to provide the best possible visual acuity and field of view for each patient"

As a first-time exhibitor at 100% Optical, Deepcove Optical is the UK’s exclusive distributor of Optiswiss lenses and will attend the show to re-introduce the lens brand to the UK profession. 

Deepcove Optical took on UK distribution rights to Optiswiss around a year ago and has since been growing its presence exclusively among independents. The company’s managing director, Roland Allen, told OT that: “The show is a great opportunity to re-introduce Optiswiss to the UK market, which it has been absent in for 10 years, and to share with independent practices this brand’s potential.”

He emphasised: “Optiswiss is an exclusive high-end lens brand, designed for independents who want to be able to differentiate themselves from the major brands on the market that now seem to be in every High Street store and online. What is key for our customers to understand is that when they purchase Optiswiss, it is a partnership experience, whereby we will work with them to introduce the lenses in practice and to their patients, rather than simply being a buying-and-selling operation.”

Another first-time exhibitor is LTL S.p.A, an Italian lens manufacturer that describes itself as a ‘one-stop shop’ for all a practitioner’s lens needs. As one of the largest producers of mineral lenses, it offers them in a wide range of technical indexes – from 1.523 to 1.900 – in a number of different coatings.

LTL S.p.A’s Cristina Strumendo, told OT: “We decided to take part in the event so we could discover new trends and observe different markets, which will support us in expanding our vision of reaching a global market in the optical industry.”

Lens hub session at 100 Optical

A hub of education

In line with the rest of the show, a dedicated education area situated within the Lenses Hall will offer visitors the opportunity to attend CET-accredited lectures on a wide range of key contact lens and ophthalmic lens topics throughout the show. 

While the Lens Hub will focus on ophthalmic lens-related education on the Sunday and Monday (5–6 February), it will offer contact lens-related education on the opening day (4 February).

Confirmed speakers on the lens stage currently include Dr Debbie Laughton on The perfect fit: freeform progressive lenses, Dr Louise Madden discussing the Clinical assessment of the tear film, and Prisicilla Hubbard covering Magnification in practice.

Evaluating the differences between the design and performance of standard semi-finished progressive lenses and modern freeform progressive lenses, Dr Laughton will discuss with delegates the importance of considering facial anatomy, frame parameters and patient lifestyle when recommending and dispensing modern progressive lenses.

Progressive lens non-tolerance issues will be explored and the steps to identify and solve problems will be discussed.

"Optiswiss is an exclusive high-end lens brand designed for independents who want to be able to differentiate themselves from the major brands on the market"

Designed to offer practitioners a time- and precision-saving way of measuring patients for spectacles, the Spark Mi looks like an ordinary tabletop mirror, but can take an image that captures all of the measurements and parameters required.

Explaining why her talk is an important topic for optometrists, Ms Laughton told OT: “The session promotes optometrist-led dispensing recommendations, considering the importance of facial anatomy, frame parameters, ocular aberrations and patient lifestyle when recommending and dispensing ‘off-the-shelf’ and customised progressive lenses.”

She added that the take-home message is that: “Freeform surfacing is a sophisticated process, capable of producing virtually any continuously smooth surface to incorporate optimisation for refractive error, high-order aberrations, frame parameters, position of wear and patient lifestyle to provide superior quality of vision.”

Sharing one step that a practitioner could take after attending her session to change the way they practise for the better, Ms Laughton emphasised that they should: “Take advantage of the flexibility modern freeform progressive lens technology affords, to provide the best possible visual acuity and field of view for each patient.”

To register and book on to the education programme at 100% Optical, visit the show's website.