Me and my glasses

A frame for every occasion

Optometry student, Nashwa Choudhury, won the 2019 Specsavers Spectacle Wearer of the Year Editor’s Choice Award. Now working part-time as an optical assistant at the multiple where she is responsible for frame styling, preparing dispenses and pre-testing customers, she shares insight her passion for frames OT 

Nashwa Choudhury

How many pairs of spectacles and sunglasses do you own?

I have eight different pairs of glasses. The glasses that I wear always change depending on the outfit I have on, the mood that I’m in, and the type of occasion it is.

Can you describe your favourite pair?

My favourite pair is definitely the round-shaped, tortoiseshell Kylie Minogue frames.

What frame shapes, colours or styles do you usually go for?

Tortoiseshell is my favourite print on plastic frames. I think it goes well with every occasion and with all looks. I’m obsessed with round-shaped glasses. I feel they suit my face best and they’re also in fashion at the moment.

Who would you pick as your style icon of glasses wearers and why? 

I’ve recently been obsessed with Gigi Hadid’s collection for Vogue eyewear. The frames are vibrant, bold and I love how they express her unique style. 

Tortoiseshell goes well with every occasion and with all looks


How long have you worn spectacles for, and what prompted you to go for your first sight test?

I’ve been wearing glasses for around 10 years now. My mum was the one who took me for my first sight test. I’ve always thought glasses looked cool on people. As a child whenever I was in the testing room, I’d intentionally read out the letters on the chart wrong because I thought it was enough for me to end up with glasses (of course it didn’t work). However, a few years down the line I ended up needing glasses for concentration. It was a dream come true.

Do you wear contact lenses?

No, I don’t wear contact lenses. I like glasses too much.

How important is eyewear to reflecting your personality?

Eyewear is an extremely important part of my outfit. I believe glasses are a great way of expressing my personality and individuality. I see my glasses as more of an accessory, which is why I love them so much. I always make sure the pair that I’m wearing suits my mood, outfit, make-up and the occasion.

My top three tips on selecting the perfect pair of glasses:

  1. See your glasses as an accessory that’ll enhance your look. Be creative and experiment with different shapes and colours to compliment your style
  2. Choose frames that suit your face shape. Don’t be afraid to try on different styles to see which one suits you best
  3. If the glasses make you feel good then they’re the right pair for you – go for it.