Me and my glasses

Style without limitations

British racing driver, Lewis Hamilton (pictured), tells OT  about his sunglasses collection and collaborating with Police

Lewis Hamilton

How did the creation of an eyewear collection with Police come up?

I’ve always had a thing for sunglasses, always looking for the next best pair. This is why Police as a brand really stood out, with its strong designs that focus on both function and style. I’m continuously looking to learn and grow within the fashion industry, so the opportunity to gain hands on experience with Police’s creative team and make my mark on the design, all while learning the process behind the development of the sunglasses, was an offer I couldn’t pass up. It was great to see how our focuses really complemented each other. We both have an obsession with pushing the boundaries and a fearless pursuit of perfection.

What made Police the right partner to collaborate with?

Police is known for innovation within the industry, high quality products and attention to detail. It’s these elements that drew me in. Being able to work with a brand that continues to push the limits of design and function is a brand I want to learn from. Pushing the limits to evolve and grow is a philosophy of mine, one that inspires me to move forward and a value we share.

I take pride in being different and using fashion as a way to express my personality


What inspired the collection?

I take inspiration from lots of places, it’s part of what gives me my edge. Outside of racing, fashion is one of my real passions. I love how it lets people define themselves as how they want to be seen, so I’ve always spent a lot of time creating my own style. In the same way that embracing what makes me different has made me a success in Formula 1, personalisation and attention to detail has drawn me to eyewear. So, the opportunity to work with Police and collaborate on the design of this collection has been an incredible experience.

What is your relationship with sunglasses?

Aside from UV protection, sunglasses are a fashion staple. They are another piece of the puzzle when it comes to developing your own style and are often the finishing touch on an outfit. My mood will shape the style I choose to wear on any given day – If I’m going for a more classic look or want something with a bit more energy and edge.

Which styles do you prefer?

With 10 styles in my Police collection, how could I pick just one? When I’m feeling bold and full of energy, it’s the mask-style pair I’ll put on, which has a reflective, colourful lens and sleek design. While the retro round pair featuring a metal frame stands the test of time and matches essentially everything.

Police frames
‘SPLA28’ from the Lewis Hamilton and Police collection by De Rigo

When did you start collecting sunglasses?

I don’t think I consciously made a decision to start collecting sunglasses. It’s more of a case that my collection has grown and evolved naturally over time. My style is eclectic, it’s a reflection of how I’m feeling that day; sometimes it’s casual while other times it’s more upbeat and edgy. Therefore, I like to have a selection of sunglasses that I can pair with the different looks from day to day.

This was part of my inspiration for the designs I’ve created with Police. I wanted to ensure that the collection offers people a variety of looks, from classic and retro to fashion forward, there’s no need to limit yourself to one style, just way you wouldn’t limit yourself with the clothes you wear.

How would you describe your personal style?

Fashion is a personal thing and I would describe my style as bold and energetic; it’s a reflection of who I am. I take pride in being different and using fashion as a way to express my personality, therefore no two days need to be the same.