Optometrist Scott Mackie awarded fellowship

The Scottish practitioner has received the College of Optometrists’ highest qualification

optical equipment in case
Pixabay/Guiovany Ruiz

Scottish optometrist, Dr Scott Mackie, has received a College of Optometrists fellowship by portfolio.

Dr Mackie is a qualified optometrist and dispensing optician with two practices in Lanarkshire.

“I am honoured to accept this fellowship from the College of Optometrists as assessed by my peers,” Dr Mackie said.

Optometrists who have been members of the College of Optometrists for five years are eligible to nominate themselves for a fellowship by portfolio

Scott Mackie

Applicants are required to submit a portfolio of evidence to show how their accomplishments have benefited optometry practice.

Those applying for a fellowship can nominate themselves in one or more of six categories: clinical practice, the provision of visual or wider healthcare, optometric research, optometric education, the management of visual healthcare, and higher qualifications in vision science.

Dr Mackie, who is a fellowship assessor, said there has been a “significant rise” in fellowship applications during the pandemic as practitioners reflect on their past and future careers.

There are currently 78 fellows listed on the College of Optometrists website.