Specsavers rolls out Headspace partnership globally

36,000 employees across Specsavers will have access to a one-year subscription to the wellbeing app

woman with headphones
Pexels/Karolina Grabowska

Specsavers will provide employees with a year-long subscription to the mindfulness and meditation app Headspace. The move forms part of the company’s wellbeing support provision.

The 12-month subscription will be available for all 36,000 employees across Specsavers practices, support offices and manufacturing sites globally.

Director of reward and policy, Ian Glendinning, explained that the company first partnered with Headspace last year, making a subscription available for colleagues based in Northern Europe.

“After a successful year, we decided to roll it out globally,” he said.

Discussing what prompted the initiative, Glendinning told OT: “All our partners and colleagues have faced huge disruption over the last two years. Whether that’s having to change procedures to make our stores COVID-19 safe, having to adjust to working from home, or changing ways of working in our manufacturing and distribution sites.

“Alongside this there was the constant worry of staying safe, looking after loved ones or home-schooling, so we recognised that colleagues have a lot of stressors in their lives,” he added.

The app features resources including guided meditations, audio for supporting sleep, inspirational videos, music for focus, and guided exercise.

The Headspace subscription forms part of Specsavers’ wellbeing support tools and resources.

Glendinning said: “We’ve listened to the great feedback we’ve received from our colleagues in Northern Europe about Headspace as well as what our colleagues are telling us about how we can help manage their work and home commitments.”