AOP Peer Support Line 0800 870 8401

A confidential helpline for members and non-members at any stage of their career

Call: 0800 870 8401

The AOP Peer Support Line is a confidential, free-phone helpline for individuals (members and non-members) at any stage of their optical career to call and discuss their problems with a trained, empathetic peer who recognises the pressures of optical practice.

You will be able to talk through your problems in a dedicated non-judgemental space, so you can start to feel some relief, clarity and control over the issues affecting you. No advice will be given, but you will be offered other possible sources of support, where relevant, to help you reach a resolution or take action.

Calls can be on a range of issues including workplace pressure, bullying, ill health, financial worries, bereavement or anxiety about exams. No issue is too trivial.

Calls will be answered 24 hours a day, by an external answering service, with volunteers on duty to return calls between 8am and 8pm.

Calls are completely anonymous and only a first name or alias will be requested.

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