“It has really been an overwhelming and astonishing achievement”

OT  caught up with Shabnam Fazl, of E&G Opticians in Broxbourne, for her reflections after a year that has seen a practice refurbishment and an award win

A view of the reception and waiting area of E&G Opticians. The desk is a sleek grey and set before a mustard yellow feature wall with the logo and name of the practice. There are five plush teal chairs arranged in a line of three under a window, and a pair. Between them are coffee tables and on the walls is a large picture of an eye and a certificate

The Broxbourne practice, E&G Opticians, has had much to celebrate this year, with an award win, and a recently completed refurbishment.

E&G Opticians, a Hakim Group independent practice, received a Global Healthcare & Pharma award for ‘Independent Opticians of the Year’ earlier this autumn, with judges considering the practice’s history, customer service, reviews and social media presence.

Asked about winning ‘Independent Opticians of the Year’ Shabnam Fazl, dispensing optician and director of the practice, said: “It has really been an overwhelming and astonishing achievement. We have worked tirelessly during the refurbishment of the practice to create our new look. While we’re providing our local community the best service and customer care, we felt that a new look to reflect that was long overdue here in E&G.”

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“To be honest, we were not expecting to win anything,” she acknowledged. “We just do what we love every day without any expectations. However, when your passion gets recognised, it just makes it even more special and emphasises the importance of keeping on going and doing even better for our patients.”

In updating the practice, the team wanted to give the site a more welcoming and clinical look.

“I like to paint on canvas in my spare time, and I was given the opportunity to make this practice my new canvas,” Fazl explained. “The colour scheme was an idea that I’d had in my head for years and I thought to myself, ‘One day I will use these colours in my own practice.’”

Describing how the colour scheme has come together, she added: “The colours bring life and excitement and create an ambiance of calmness. The vibrant colours created a bigger presence for passersby.”

When your passion gets recognised, it just makes it even more special and emphasises the importance of keeping on going and doing even better for our patients


Through the refurbishment, optical coherence tomography has been introduced as part of the routine sight test, and dry eye clinic equipment has been installed.

The frame collection has also been updated to include popular brands such as Hackett, Ted Baker, Stepper and William Morris.

“Providing different types of appointments, the latest technology and equipment, and creating more space, has allowed our optometrist to perform more thorough eye exams in a calm and equipped environment,” Fazl shared.

The local community has welcomed the changes to the practice, with some patients even inspired to refresh their own homes and businesses.

On its website, E&G Opticians describes itself as a “team of best friends.”

Fazl elaborated that this friendship is a balance of holding common interests alongside different personalities.

“We are all hard working, love what we do and strive to become the best version of ourselves every day,” she shared.

While some members of the team may be outgoing, and others quieter, Fazl added: “I believe that is the best combination for a great team, because in all aspects of a business you can use the strengths of each other, and protect each other’s’ weaknesses.”