Optometry highlighted at careers fair

Specsavers introduced students to optometry as a future career option at STEM-focused Big Bang careers fair

Young girl at Specsavers Careers Fair

Young people visiting an annual STEM-focused careers fair in Birmingham had the opportunity to learn more about optometry as a potential career path from Specsavers optometrists.

Hosted at the NEC between 19–21 June, representatives from Specsavers attended the Big Bang careers fair, offering hundreds of 10 to 13-year-olds hands-on experience with optometry and audiology technology.

The Big Bang careers fair was attended by tens of thousands of students across the three days.

Speaking about the event, Specsavers early careers manager, Lucy Knock, said: “This year we wanted to offer more clinical and technology insights into what life is life for optometrists in community practices. The exciting bit was seeing them having a go themselves at being the clinician, being that healthcare practitioner, and seeing what it feels like to help people seeing and use this technology.”

Knock shared that students “enjoyed being able to have a try with the type of technology that optometrists use, from a digital slit lamp, an optical coherence tomography machine and a fundus camera, under supervision by clinicians.”

“They were able to take it turns to see their eyes, with the images also displayed on screens. It proved a real draw during the fair, with young people talking about what they saw and taking photos and selfies with the images,” she added.

From an audiology perspective, students were able to use an otoscope to take a look inside the ears of a ‘dummy head,’ as well as take part in simulations of different pathologies, including using a micro suction tool to draw out the fake wax.

“Becoming an optometrist or audiologist is brilliant. It was a privilege to talk to so many young people about the opportunities provided through a career in these community services,” Knock said.