Specsavers renews global subscription to Headspace

The multiple provides staff globally with access to the mindfulness and meditation app


Specsavers has confirmed its renewal to the mindfulness and mediation app, Headspace, as part of its commitment to staff wellbeing.

The multiple’s subscription enables its employees globally to access the app free of charge, with the renewal now seeing employees’ family and friends able to benefit too.

Specsavers confirmed that the renewal of its Headspace subscription, which includes access for support office, manufacturing and distribution, and community practice colleagues, has been renewed for two years following positive feedback.

Speaking about the subscription, Specsavers’ wellbeing and inclusion lead, Steven Evans, said: “As part of Specsavers commitment to supporting our colleagues and their wellbeing, we want to ensure we continue to provide new and existing offerings to keep them feeling positive about their wellbeing.”

“Across Specsavers, from Canada to Hong Kong and everywhere in between, colleagues are benefitting from better focus and sleep and making use of the mindfulness and meditation courses,” he added.

Through the subscription, Specsavers used three million minutes last year, an average of 45 minutes per user per month.