Playing with contrast

OT  looks at the latest launches from brands and suppliers: from redesigned monograms, to colour combinations and lens cleansers


Sunglasses: Magnificent monograms

Emmanuelle Khanh launched its latest campaign, ‘Solstice,’ with a collection that signals a return to the design house’s jewellery monogram.

In the new campaign, artistic director, Eva Gaumé, drew inspiration from the French rural setting of Sephos, two hours away from Lyon where she grew up. The campaign was directed by James Tennessee Briandt.

The new monogram is crafted in Italy, plated in 18 carat gold and mounted by hand to Emmanuelle Khanh glasses in Oyannax.

Gaumé said she wanted to revive the monogram included in Emmanuelle Khanh’s vintage frames in a contemporary way.

Cleanser: Soothing formulation

The Body Doctor has launched the Eye Doctor Tea Tree Oil Lid Cleanser. The alcohol and fragrance-free cleanser has been designed to remove dirt, debris and make-up from the eyelids and the base of the lashes.

The product is recommended for people with dry eye, meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), blepharitis or demodex.

The cleanser contains tea tree oil, which the company explained can help control oil levels on the skin and clean excess meibum from the eyelids. The cleanser also contains coconut oil, micellar water and argan oil, for removing make-up, soothing and conditioning the skin.

The popularity of the Eye Doctor Biodegradable Tea Tree Oil Lid Wipes motivated the company to launch the formula as a 100ml bottle.

Head of professional services for The Body Doctor, Andrew Price, said: “Lid cleaning is a vital part of MGD treatment and the separate proven effectiveness of micellar water and tea tree oil over the years, and in clinical trials, are now combined in one formulation.”


Children: Security for the active

Exeter Eyewear has introduced a new collection of ultra-light TR-Lites and TR-Active frames, designed to fit securely for active young people.

The straight-sided models feature “super comfort” nose pads and a saw-tooth side channel design to enable a sliding ear lock to be attached. Eyewear can also be supplied with a free headband on request.

All Exeter Eyewear frames are manufactured in TR90, in a variety of vibrant colours. The collections are customisable, offering minor frame shape adjustments, headband fitting in custom colours, and individual tip and pad colours.

Rob Barrow, director of Spec Care, through which Exeter Eyewear is available, said: “Spectacle frames must be well-fitted when dispensing to the developing eye, particularly in myopia control. The collection avoids those dreadful pictures so often seen, of people persistently pushing their sliding spectacles back into position.”

Sunglasses: Precision design

Eyespace has launched four sunwear collections for 2023, adding over 60 styles to its portfolio of brand and house collections.

Range Rover sees a selection of designer models with a focus on precision engineering. Selected from the new line, ‘RRS 306’ (pcictured) is re-imagined round style with hexagonal upper eyerim. A Japanese raw edge finish of the outer rim contrasts with a highly polished front, while a metal trim extends from lug to the side of the frame.

Meanwhile, Land Rover has introduced an exclusive edit of Defender branded models, including ‘Blackhazel,’ which pairs a square shape with skull-fit sides and soft tips.

New for 2023, Aspinal of London’s collection takes inspiration from the retro glamour of iconic American locations and also incorporates sustainable materials.

Highlighted as a standout from the new line, ‘Palm Springs’ has a directional cat’s eye shape, with three-dimensional geometric sides. The tip ends feature Aspinal’s signature bee motif in gold foil, representing the brand’s ‘Bee Aspinal’ environmental campaign.

The frame is made from a bioacetate created from a wood pulp base sourced from FSC certified forests.

Coca Mint adds a range of relaxed styles for “effortless glamour,” with frames like the ‘CMS 2112’ embracing the 90s revival seen on runways for 2023.

Frames: Contemporary colours

Part of Charmant Group, Ad Lib has shared a collection focusing on urban style and comfort.

In the women’s line, Ad Lib has introduced the hexagonal ‘AB3290-BK’ (pictured) and the rounded ‘AB3291-PK’ frames featuring contemporary colours, a gradient effect on the sides and 3D designs. The three-toned frames also host contrasting matt and shiny finishes.

In comparison, the panto ‘AB3288-NV’ and the round hexagonal ‘AB3289-GN’ styles offer understated, high-tech glamour. The frames feature a colour gradient on the sides, matt and shiny contrasts with metallic tones, and flexible betatitanium sides.

The men’s line sees bright colour pops in the rectangular ‘AB3332-BK’ and the square ‘AB3333-DG’ models, which both benefit from a betatitanium hinge.

The sporty styles: ‘AB3334-BL’ and ‘AB3335’ host thin sides, two-tone contrasts and colour nylon rims. The rectangular ‘AB3336-BR’ and rounded ‘AB3337-NV’ styles combine city-style with streamlined profiles.

Frames: featherweight

Modo has debuted a new range of seven new featherweight frames in its Air collection.

A highlight in the collection is ‘4256,’ (pictured) an optical frame featuring a titanium skeleton for durability, and contrasting colours between the inner and outer faces of the frame sides.

Another standout frame is the ‘4633,’ designed as a unisex style, created from titanium and thin sides. The frame is available in three colour options: gun, dark green or grey blue.

All frames in the Air collection have a front made from memory plastic, a covered bridge and screwless hinge designs.

Lenses: Light management

Transitions Optical has launched a new version of its Light Sensitivity Test, aiming to prompt patients to have conversations with eye care professionals (ECPs) about light management.

Consumers and ECPs can access the test online or through a smartphone. Features include a light sensitivity score from 0–100 that determines the level of light sensitivity as well as a personal Transitions lens recommendation.

Consumers can also use the Virtual Mirror tool to try out recommended lenses, and find a practice through the locator tool.

Charlotte Hamel, global marketing vice president for Transitions Optical, suggested: “The new Light Sensitivity Test is a great way for ECPs to introduce the conversation around light sensitivity and light management with their patients in a relatable way by discussing their lifestyle and day-to-day activities.”


Lead image: Emmanuelle Khanh campaign, image by James Tennessee Briandt, art direction by Eva Gaumé, muse Anamaria Cioboata, styling by Manon Del Colle, make up by Sacha Giraudeau and hair by Sachiko Yamashita