Caledonian Optical at 100% Optical

The independent lab told OT  about its new Digital Ray-Path 2 lenses

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The independent lab, Caledonian Optical, launched its new range of Digital Ray-Path 2 lenses at 100% Optical (23-25 April 2022).

The company worked with lens designers, IOT, to create the new range. Speaking to OT, Mark Robertson, head of manufacturing for Caledonian Optical, said: “We’ve come together and created these ultra-HD lenses right across the portfolio, from single vision to occupational, anti-fatigue and a varifocal range as well.”

Describing the technology as a “next evolution” for digital lenses, Robertson said the technology takes accommodation into account.

“Instead of it just being sharp at one focal point wherever you look, there are different layers,” he said.

This makes the lens “sharper and much more comfortable” Robertson said, “for a wider range of vision.”

Robertson added that the new lenses have had a ‘wow-factor’ for wearers moving to the technology.

OT speaks to Caledonian Optical about its new lens launch at 100% Optical