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Caron Eyewear’s wearable flamboyance

OT  spoke to Caron Kraitt, owner and founder of Caron Eyewear, about the spring/summer collection, and the launch of ION Eyewear

Caron Eyewear showcased its “bright and vibrant” spring/summer collection, at 100% Optical 2024, along with its newly-launched brand ION Eyewear.

Caron Kraitt, owner and founder of Caron Eyewear and ION Eyewear, gave OT an overview of the styles and colours featured in the latest collections.

Caron Eyewear’s sixth collection is bold, bright and vibrant, “with a lot of colour,” Kraitt explained: “Which is really in demand in the market at the moment.”

“The UK has always been slightly conservative, but we are now broadening our horizons to have a little bit of risk in what we wear, maybe have a couple of pairs of glasses and invest in something bright, as well as something a little bit more every day,” she continued.

Highlights from the collection included ‘Fit to Win,’ a shallow, angular square model available in a translucent electric blue, fluorescent pink, black, or crystal rose.

Describing the style, Kraitt explained that oversized styles are “strong in the market,” while the precision cut and hand polished finish provide a “slick styling” to the piece.

Another stand-out model is ‘Glorious,’ with upswept and gently bevelled brows, available in a raspberry red, crystal rose, turquoise blue, or black. 

Making its debut at 100% Optical, ION Eyewear is focused on masculine and unisex frames, fusing retro and modern styles. 

Kraitt shared frames in the collection have more of a neutral colourway, with attention on structure and cut.

“It’s an extremely wearable collection, and we’re very proud of it and happy to be launching at 100% Optical,” she said.

The ‘Stellar’ model features a striking flat brow that Kraitt describes as “extremely on-trend,” with a layered acetate front and stainless steel sides. The frame is available in black and clear, blue and turquoise, Havana and clear, and red and clear.

The matte colourway of ‘Photon’ is another fashion-forward model, offering a “slightly sporty but still professional look.”

Sharing a perspective of key trends in eyewear this year, Kraitt said: “Colour is huge at the moment, and for us to have the confidence to wear our eyewear and love our eyewear – to show off with eyewear – not in a pretentious way, but to be proud of it as a really important accessory.”

Colourful eyewear, along with shape and structure, but in wearable styles, is important to this.

“We’re always designed very wearable eyewear as well as quite flamboyant,” Kraitt said. She continued: “It is a combination that is in sync with the styling of today – so that you are able to wear a few different pieces and be proud of what you wear as a person and feel confident in your eyewear.”