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Bright and beautiful frames with Good Karma

Lisa Laurent, founder of Good Karma, gave OT  a tour of the brand’s latest collections and licences at 100% Optical

Good Karma Eyewear brought its latest colourful collections to 100% Optical 2024 along with its latest licences: Moleskine and Matisse. 

Good Karma was launched in 2022 by Lisa Laurent and Julie Bridgewater and celebrated its second anniversary in April this year.

Laurent, who also owns a practice with Bridgewater, explained that she has always wanted her own eyewear collection, and the COVID-19 lockdown created an opportunity to pursue the idea.

The brand first launched with a range for women and has now extended into men’s eyewear.

The eyewear is specifically designed in both petite and larger eye sizes, and for every frame sold £1 is donated to The Prince’s Trust #ChangeAGirlsLife campaign, helping underprivileged women into education, employment, or training.

“All of our frames have inspirational sayings on the inside,” Laurent said. “We’re a really positive bunch, we lift each other and just want to create a really happy environment to work in.”

Highlighting a stand-out frame from the collection, Laurent showcased the award-winning ‘Amelia’ frame in leopard print, with its matching petite size ‘Millie.’

“We’re trying to introduce two sizes within the collection to allow for petites,” Laurent explained.

To complement the in-house collections, Good Karma has also secured the licenses for Moleskine and Matisse.

Laurent described the frames in the Moleskine collection as “super thin, super light, really easy to wear,” with clip-on sunglass lenses available in some lines.

The Matisse brand is based in New York, with frames hand painted through a cottage industry in Cadore, Italy.

The eyewear is bright and vibrant, Laurent said: “No two frames are the same.”

Discussing the future plans for Good Karma, Laurent told OT: “We just want to do what we love doing. That doesn’t necessarily mean becoming really big. We want to stay only working with one practice in a town, and carry on doing what we are doing: more frames, more colours, more sizes, and lots of eco materials.”

Good Karma works exclusively with independent practices and has plans for more engagement activities in the future, including a wellness day for the independent practices the brand partners with.