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Brands on the rise

Optometrist and lifestyle blogger, Lizzy Yeowart, goes in search of eyewear and accessory companies with promise

Lorcan by GOTD

The cancellation of tradefairs across the world during 2020 curtailed the opportunities for new brands to make a splash in the industry. Here, OT  champions three fledgling UK-based eyewear and accessory brands to watch in 2021.


GOTD (Glasses of The Day) is a new British eyewear brand established by optometrist Shivani Sharma. The ‘Lorcan’ is composed of a lightweight wood with ethically sourced recycled acetate backing.

GOTD, ‘Lorcan’

Caron Kraitt

Stay Wild
‘Stay Wild’ by Caron

Caron Kraitt has over 20 years' experience in optical design and launched eponymous brand, Caron, in July. Her collection is inspired by modern women who celebrate femininity, beauty, strength and independence.

Caron, ‘Stay WIld’

Coti Vision

Coti Vision anima burnt orange
Coti Vision’s glasses chain ‘Anima’ in burnt orange

Chains for spectacles were not famed for their style acumen – until Nancy Gries and Julie Hawkins turned them into a super-sized and utterly fabulous accessory with their York-based brand, Coti Vision. Get involved.

Coti Vision, ‘Anima’ glasses chain,

Lizzy's style notes...

Each month, OT columnist, Lizzy Yeowart, considers a dispensing scenario. This month eyewear brands for young wearers with a flat bridge

Lizzy says...
Erin’s World and Tomato Glasses are standout options. Both eyewear brands were established by parents who couldn’t find eyewear to suit the needs of their own children, and decided to address the issue head-on.

Erin’s World Frames

Erins World 06 BLUE DEMI
‘EW 06’ in blue-demi by Erin’s World

Erin’s World Frames aim to improve the sight and quality of life for individuals with Down Syndrome by providing a custom frame to meet their unique needs, specially formatted to fit individuals with low bridges.

Erin’s World Frames, ‘EW 06’

Tomato Glasses

Tomato Glasses
‘TJBC6’ by Tomato Glasses

Tomato Glasses cater for a child’s small head and flat bridge. The frames are flexible, lightweight and have adjustable side lengths and nose pad heights and come with a detachable headband strap as standard.

Tomato Glasses, ‘TJBC6’