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Virtual houseparty eye wear

Optometrist and lifestyle blogger, Lizzy Yeowart, goes in search of eyewear with attitude for those festive online-only events

festive party
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Embrace the stay-at-home party season with vigour and more-is-more embellished or bejewelled eyewear. Word of warning: these are frames not suited to wallflowers.

Feeling precious

XL1614’ from Line Art, Charmant
‘XL1614’ from Line Art, Charmant

Charmant celebrates the 10th anniversary of its Line Art premier eye wear with three jubilee frames featuring hand-set precious stones. The ‘XL1614’ features a solid titanium front set with 140 dazzling 5-carat diamonds in a pave setting.

Line Art, ‘XL1614’

All that’s gold

Moonlight by Murano in rose gold
Moonlight by Murano in rose gold

Elegance highlighted by a beautiful twisted design: with over 170 different-coloured handset-crystals, Murano’s ‘Moonlight’ frame is both luxurious and incomparable. Available in rose gold, silver and bronze.

Murano Eyewear, ‘Moonlight’

Curves and colours

‘Lyric’ by X-IDE
‘Lyric’ by X-IDE
Lyric by X-ide with its on-trend shape, elegant curves and colour combinations, is designed for wearers of all ages. The sophisticated feminine feel is enhanced by glitter-strewn detail along the front.

X-IDE, ‘Lyric’

Lizzy's style notes...

Each month, OT columnist, Lizzy Yeowart, considers a dispensing scenario. This month: statement frames to wear at home

Lizzy says...

Lockdown + winter means less going “out out” and (even) more staying home in front of a screen. Here are two super-lightweight styles with a large eye-size that lend themselves to online work and play.

Transparent crystal

STS-30012’ from Stepper Eyewear
‘STS-30012’ from Stepper Eyewear

The Stepper ‘STS-30012’ weighs just 8g. The transparent crystal means it’s as perfect for Monday morning meetings as it is for Friday night pub quizzes.

Stepper Eyewear, ‘STS-30012’

Antique bronze

‘Jion’ by Kata in Antique Bronze
‘Jion’ by Kata in Antique Bronze

‘Jion’ by Kata is constructed from featherweight titanium and comes in an option of antique bronze (pictured), antique silver and semi-matt gold.

Kata, ‘Jion’